Polypropylene pond liner, also known aquaculture pond liner, is the most widely used geosynthetic product to control water quality which can affect the fish or shrimp health in farm ponds. BPM extremely low permeable polypropylene pond liner is specially reinforced HDPE geomembanes with superior UV rays, hydrostatic and elevated temperature resistance, which makes BPM polypropylene pond liner as ideal products for aquaculture and agriculture applications.

Round polypropylene pond liner is taken as anti seepage lining system for round tanks, not like the normal square pond liner, the round tanks can be built for indoor application. The aquaculture pond liner can improve the safety of the shrimp and fish living environment. As high density polyethylene pond liner, BPM geomembrane pond liner is favored over other materials like ordinary pvc pond liner for its modest economic and operational advantage. But HDPE pond liner liner is the very stable polyolefin that is chemically inert and able to maintain long-term integrity and durability. These properties make the HDPE membrane pond liner a very suitable for water containment and other aquaculture applications.

Our client from America prefer to build 24 round tanks to feed shrimp and fish. After the communication by email, he visited our geomembrane factory and checked the production liner, we made a deep calculation of the HDPE liner quantity he would need. The client made the deposit on internet directly.

Polypropylene Pond Liner for Shrimp Farm in America
Polypropylene Pond Liner for Fish Farm in America
Polypropylene Pond Liner for Shrimp and Fish Farm in America

Polypropylene Pond Liner for Shrimp and Fish Farm in America

  • Polypropylene pond liner diameter – 15m diameter
  • Pond liner height – 1.25m to 1.57m
  • Total 24 tanks
  • Total quantity – 19200 square meters
  • Pond liner thickness – 1.5mm 
  • Each roll size – 7x100m, 1.57mx50m

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