Plastic grass pavers are the ideal geosynthetic material specially developed and fabricated for outdoor landscape design and urban ecology. Plastic grass pavers can stabilize the soil to prevent rutting and are made from a durable material that provides support to the entire system. Sod or seeded grass can be planted within the plastic grass pavers for the natural appeal of a grass lot with the stabilization of the plastic underneath grid. Don’t worrying about damaging the grass to park a car, a truck, or even a fire truck on your lawn.

BPM plastic grass pavers are widely used to stabilize the soil, preventing the grass from rutting. The plastic grass pavers can be used on any grassy surface (such as overflow parking) that will have to support any substantial kind of weight for an extended period of time because grass itself is fragile and easily damaged. When the car is parked directly on grass, or a heavy box is put on it in the midst of natural grass, the grass will be bruised and may eventually be destroyed because these heavy objects can crush their roots. With plastic grass pavers, the grass roots are supported and protected against even the heaviest objects. 

Some Construction Precautions for Plastic Grass Paver in Parking Lot Project

  1. Each Grass paver has links buckle ,When installing the grass, it is ensured that each piece is fastened between each piece. After the grass paver is installed,Pressing back and forth on the surface of the grass paver with a small roller or a flat vibrating machine to trim the uneven places.
  2. High quality nutritive soil is recommended for filling the grass paver. When returning to the soil, watering should match, so that the soil can be settled. the bamboo broom grass paver nutrient soil surface uniformly swept into the grass paver hole,The height of the soil layer is based on 5-10mm below the plane of the grass paver.
  3. Manila grass turf for general use, such grass trampling resistance, easy to grow.When laying the turf, leave a gap of about 20mm and stagger the paving.After the turf is laid, it is drenched with water to make the turf soft.Then use a small roller or a flat vibrating machine to press the grass root into the grass paver (repeated times), so that the grass roots can be easily grown down.
  4. Conservation parking a month later use; if (dormant period) between November to March the following year the construction of grass should be maintained for two months and then stop.
  5. During use or after the rainy season, if there is a small amount of soil loss, you can evenly sprinkle some soil or sand from the surface of the lawn to fill the soil lost by rain.
  6. The lawn needs to be pruned 4-6 times a year. Weeds should be pulled out and fertilized in time. In hot and dry season, the lawn should be often watered or equipped with automatic water spraying equipment, and necessary maintenance and management should be done well.
Plastic Grass Paver Driveway for Parking Lot in Canada
Plastic Grass Paver for Parking Lot in Canada
Plastic Grass Paver for Parking Lots in Canada

Our Canada customer sent us inquiry of green color plastic grass paver for parking lot construction project. The regular size of BPM plastic grass paver is 500mm*500mm*48mm. We sent the certifications and grass paver samples to the customer. After communication, the customer was very satisfied with our product, he placed the order for for 5000 square meters.

Specifications of Plastic Grass paver for Parking Lot in Canada

  • Grass paver size – 500mm*500mm*48mm
  • Total quatity – 5000 square meters

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