HDPE geomat fabric is a new type of geosynthetic material with three-dimensional structure suitable for soil and water conservation, which can effectively prevent soil and water loss, increase green area, and improve the ecological environment.  BPM brand HDPE geomat fabric is made of synthetic filament materials tangled together to form a highly deform-able which has  a very high porosity. Geomat fabric is widely used for road, railway, river, dam, hillside and other protection slopes along the banks of canals and river courses to convey drainage in association with geotextiles or geomembranes. Before the turf grows, the land can be protected from wind and rain. The composite protective layer formed after the plants grow can withstand high water level and high flow velocity scouring. Due to the use of polymer materials and UV anti-ultraviolet stabilizers, the HDPE geomat fabric has higher chemical stability and no pollution to the environment.

Geomat Fabric
geomat septic
geomat erosion control

HDPE Geomat Fabric Specifications

Unit Weightg/m2220260350430
Tensile StrengthKN/m0.81.423.2
Carbon Black%2-3
Raw MaterialHDPE
Roll Sizem*m2×502×502×302×30

HDPE Geomat Fabric Features

  • The embankment is protected from wind and rain before the turf has grown.
  • The HDPE geomat fabric can keep the grass seeds evenly distributed on the slope, and avoid the wind and rain from being lost.
  • The HDPE geomat fabric can absorb a large amount of heat energy, enhance ground temperature, promote grass seed germination, and prolong the growth period of plants.
  • The composite protective layer formed by plants can withstand high-level, high-velocity currents.
  • The geomat fabric can replace slope materials such as concrete, asphalt, and block stones.

HDPE geomat fabric Applications

The three-dimensional plant net building technology combines the advantages of HDPE geomat fabric and plant protection slopes, which can effectively solve the problems of rock slope and high land side technology protection. Application examples show that three-dimensional vegetation network slope protection is extremely beneficial to the stability of the slope and protects it. The effect is very good.

The HDPE geomat fabric is mainly used for slope protection of highways, railways, rivers, dams, etc.

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