30mm drainage cell is the kind of widely used drainage cell with a lightweight three dimensional structure which is pressed against an underground structure such as a basement wall or subsurface footing for subsurface water management. 30mm drainage cell is specially produced with a flat back which can create a permanent, non-clogging void between the concrete slab and the soil profile. The 30mm void space enables superior drainage efficiency compared to the small voids created by using a gravel system. The pressure of backfilled soils holds the drainage cell in place. A filtration geotextile fabric attached with the drainage cell generally covers the drainage core allows unrestricted flow of moisture, gravel, stone and soil materials into the core while it restricts the passing of soil particles which may clog the core.It is a good choice for vertical applications where require moderate compressive strength and flow capacity are adequate.

Drainage cell is mainly used in roof garden drainage, landscape, terraces and patios under pavers, subterranean building protection etc. BPM drainage cell is a structure which provides incredible load bearing strength while protecting vegetation root systems from deadly compaction. The 30mm high void spaces within the entire cross-section enable excellent root development, and storage capacity for rainfall from storm events. For areas with long-term usage and heavy loads, such as parking lots, high strength drainage cell is recommended. In addition, for those areas that are built on the roof or where there is long-term direct sunlight, such as open air, 30mm drainage cell will help to increase the thickness of nutritious soil and enhance its water retention capacity.

30mm Drainage Cell System for Roof Garden in Indonesia
High Quality 30mm Drainage Cell for Roof Garden in Indonesia
30mm Drainage Cell for Roof Garden in Indonesia

In order to increase the area of greenery, the lawns are generally laid on the roadside, and the soil in many green areas is severely compacted due to poor management of the soil. 30mm drainage cell is the right material to solve this problem. And 30mm drainage cell can also  be widely used in fire exits and parking lots to solve the problem of increasing green space and improve the ecological environment and safety.

Our Indonesia customer found us on Alibaba and sent us inquiry of 30mm drainage cell for Roof garden. He wanted high tensile strength and good load bearing strength products, so he final chose 500mm*500mm*30mm drainage cell with competitive price .

Specifications of  30mm Drainage Cell for Roof garden in Indonesia

  • Drainage Cell size – 500mm*500mm*30mm
  • Total quantity – 1,930 m2

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