HDPE density polyethylene liner, also known as HDPE geomembrane liner, has the characteristics of anti-seepage property excellent chemical resistance, outstanding stress cracking ability, low permeability, good UV resistance and low temperature resistance to brittleness, etc. The HDPE density polyethylene liner is the most widely used geosynthetic product for many kinds of anti-seepage bottom pond lining and covering applications such as biogas digester projects, sludge and sewage treatment facilities, evaporation ponds in animal manure facilities such as dairy farms and pig farms, heap leaching projects, etc.

Heap leaching involves the industrial process of extracting precious metals, like copper, gold, silver, uranium and other compounds from ore, dangerous solid waste with leaching toxicity characteristics from the extraction of low-grade refractory copper resources will affect the production and environmental safety. The risk of contaminating soil and groundwater tables during the heap leaching process, so HDPE density polyethylene liner is the ideal geosynthetic lining system used at the base of the pad to protect the environment. HDPE drainage pipes are also installed directly over the liner, followed by a layer of granular protective soil over the HDPE geomembrane pipe system to protect the liner during the ore staking process.

High Density Polyethylene Liner for Copper Heap Leaching in Indonesia
High Density Polyethylene Liner for Copper Heap Leaching Projects in Indonesia
High Density Polyethylene Liner for Copper Heap Leaching Project in Indonesia

Our Indonesia client contracted a government copper heap leaching project. After our detailed discussion and communication about this project, we recommended 1.5mm HDPE density polyethylene liner and arranged three pieces HDPE geomembrane liner samples within two days. He received our HDPE geomembrane liner samples and made a professional test, our HDPE liners are totally qualified. After confirmed the contract, we arranged the delivery for him in 7 days.

Specifications of High Density Polyethylene Liner for Copper Heap Leaching Project in Indonesia

  • Total HDPE Liner Quantity – 19000 square meters
  • Thickness – 1.5mm
  • Each roll size – 7mx100m
  • Two HDPE liner welding machines are included for the project

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