Poly pond liner, also knows as polyethylene pond liner, is the kind of high density geomembrane liner which has the characteristics of tensile resistance, impact resistance, strong tear strength, high hydrostatic pressure resistance, UV resistance and good anti-seepage performance. It is especially suitable for fish pond anti-seepage, fish pond anti-seepage, Shrimp pond anti-seepage, shrimp pond anti-seepage, rice field eel breeding pond anti-seepage, breeding loach pond anti-seepage water project, etc.

The ploy pond Liner for fish or shrimp farm project has the characteristics of short construction period, simple construction, convenient maintenance, low investment cost, multiple protections, and good environmental protection and anti-seepage effect, which fully meets the design requirements of aquaculture. In terms of anti-seepage in the aquaculture industry, poly pond Liner has the following advantages.

  1. After using the geomembrane pond liner in the aquaculture industry, there will be no weeds, sludge and other substances that affect the fishing speed at the bottom of the pool, so it can be fished more effectively. Fishing time will be greatly shortened, and the vitality and freshness of shrimp will be greatly improved.
  2. The environmental adaptability of the bacteria under the protection of the impermeable membrane is greatly reduced to ensure the healthy growth of shrimp, eliminate or reduce the possibility of disease transmission, and increase the production of shrimp.

3.Aquaculture Pond Liner itself in the aquaculture industry contains anti-ultraviolet additives, so it is not afraid of sunlight and has low maintenance costs. As a result of saving a lot of cost and time, the shrimp breeding period is accelerated and the production capacity is increased.

  1. Aquaculture Pond Liner is a popular product, and the price is very close to the people; the water seepage and anti-seepage performance is good, and the water storage performance is good. It prevents the internal water from seeping into the soil, effectively monitors the water level, and saves related water saving costs.
Poly Pond Liner for Shrimp Farm Project in Malaysia
Poly Pond Liner for Shrimp Farm Projects in Malaysia
high density geomembrane liner for Shrimp Farm Project in Malaysia

In recent years, shrimp farms have generally adopted the method of laying ponds with cement concrete, but for some hard or narrow ponds, or soil sand, etc., In order to prevent the pond from leaking, anti-seepage treatment should be considered. Malaysia customers build shrimp farms for local customers. Customers found us on Alibaba, we recommended 0.75mm HDPE geomembrane pond liner to customers. In the two months, we communicated with customers very happily. After the customer compared the high density polyethylene pond liner quality of multiple companies, the customer finally chose us as their supplier.

Specifications of Aquaculture Pond Liner for Shrimp Farm in Malaysia

  • Total Poly Pond Liner quantity – 25,700 square meters
  • Polyethylene Pond Liner thickness –75 mm
  • Each roll size is 5.8m*150m

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