Fiberglass geogrid fabric is made of excellent reinforcement type non-alkali glass fiber yarn as the base material by using foreign advanced warp knitting directional structure to make full use of yarn strength in-textile, improve its chemical performance, and finally is formed by excellent modified asphalt coating treatment. BPM brand fiberglass geogrid fabric has the characteristics of good tension resistance, tear resistance and creep resistance, etc. The fiberglass geogrid follows similar and compatible principle, lays stress on its compound performance with asphalt mixture, fully protects glass fiber base material and improves it’s wear resistance and shear resistance so as to use for road surface reinforcement. The fiberglass geogrid fabric is the ideal geotechnical material to prevent from highway harm such as crack and rut. The fiberglass geogrid fabric can reinforce various soft foundations, greatly improve the bearing capacity of the highway subgrade, thereby improving the performance of the highway.

Fiberglass Geogrid for Road construction in Canada
Fiberglass Geogrid Fabric for Road construction in Canada
BPM Fiberglass Geogrid for Road construction in Canada

BPM Canadian customers learned about our products by browsing our Google website and were satisfied with the performance of the products, so they contacted us. After careful communication, we learned that the customer was going to build a section of the highway and needs to use geogrids to improve the highway’s bearing capacity and prevent freezing. After understanding the customer’s needs, we recommended the BFD125-125 fiberglass geogrid fabric to the customer, which can withstand 125KN/m tensile force both longitudinally and transversely. After the customer’s confirmation, they visited our factory, understood the entire production process in detail, and conducted on-site tests. After the test results came out, the customer was very satisfied with the product and signed the purchase contract the next day. The feedback from the customer later showed that the construction effect was good, which greatly exceeded the expected effect, and expressed gratitude to our company for providing quality services and products.

Specifications of Fiberglass Geogrid Fabric for Road construction in Canada

  • Fiberglass Geogrid Specification – 125KN/ m
  • Total Quantity – 50,000 Square meters
  • Roll Size – 4m*100m

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