HDPE water storage tank liners are the HDPE geomembrane liners used for the water storage anti seepage lining systems.

1 What Is HDPE Water Storage Tank Liners?

HDPE water storage tank liners are highly resistant to various solvents, making them an ideal choice for fish or shrimp farm projects. While HDPE geomembrane is less flexible compared to LLDPE, it offers higher specific strength and can withstand higher temperatures. BPM’s HDPE water storage tank liners are manufactured using high-quality virgin polyethylene raw material, incorporating carbon black, anti-aging agents, and UV resistance components.

BPM employs state-of-the-art automatic blowing film production lines and flat die production lines, ensuring the production of high-quality HDPE tank liners. These liners serve as effective waterproofing barriers and find extensive use in diverse applications such as agriculture, landfill projects, landscaping, and water conservancy projects.

The use of HDPE tank liners in fish or shrimp farm projects is advantageous due to their exceptional chemical resistance and durability. HDPE liners prevent water seepage, ensuring a stable and suitable environment for fish or shrimp cultivation. The resistance to solvents and chemicals safeguards the liners from degradation and provides long-term reliability.

BPM’s HDPE tank liners are specifically designed to withstand challenging environments and offer superior performance. The addition of carbon black and UV resistance components enhances their resistance against UV radiation, prolonging their lifespan and maintaining their integrity even under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Additionally, the high specific strength of HDPE tank liners makes them capable of withstanding higher temperatures, ensuring their suitability for various applications. This characteristic ensures that the liners can endure fluctuations in temperature without compromising their effectiveness or structural integrity.

The versatility of BPM’s HDPE tank liners makes them suitable for a wide range of projects, including agriculture, landfill projects, landscaping, and water conservancy. Their excellent waterproofing properties and resistance to solvents make them an effective solution for preventing water leakage and ensuring efficient water management in these applications.

HDPE water storage tank liners offered by BPM are highly resistant to solvents, possess superior specific strength, and can withstand higher temperatures. Manufactured using high-quality virgin polyethylene raw material, these liners are effective waterproofing barriers widely used in fish or shrimp farm projects, as well as applications in agriculture, landfill projects, landscaping, and water conservancy. With their exceptional qualities, BPM’s HDPE tank liners provide reliable and durable solutions for various projects requiring water containment and management.

HDPE Water Storage Tank Liners for fish tanks in Dominica
HDPE Water Storage Tank Liners for fish tanks Project in Dominica
HDPE Water Storage Tank Liners for fish tank application in Dominica

2 Why Chose HDPE Water Storage Tank Liners Dominica for Fish Tanks

Choosing HDPE water storage tank liners in Dominica for fish tanks offers several advantages. BPM received an inquiry from a customer in Dominica who found us on Facebook. The customer was interested in HDPE geomembrane and specifically asked about the price of a 1.0mm geomembrane. In response, we promptly provided the customer with photos and videos showcasing our factory and sent them the price. The customer was highly satisfied with our competitive pricing and expressed a desire to visit our factory.

The following day, we arranged a video connection with the customer and guided them on a virtual tour of our factory, introducing them to the production line. The customer was impressed with the facilities and gained a lot of trust in our capabilities. Throughout subsequent communications, the customer expressed their intention to construct the tank themselves. To assist them, we provided videos demonstrating tank welding techniques for their reference.

After some time, the customer confirmed their requirement for a 1.0mm geomembrane water storage tank liner. We promptly shared the price details once again and presented a sample of our product to the customer. The customer was highly pleased with the quality of the sample and ultimately placed an order with us, demonstrating their confidence in our products and services.

The customer in Dominica benefits from competitive pricing, high-quality products, and a personalized customer experience with BPM HDPE water storage tank liners. Our prompt responses, transparent communication, and willingness to provide guidance and assistance throughout the process fostered a strong customer relationship. The customer’s satisfaction and trust in our capabilities are evident from their decision to place the order with us.

when selecting HDPE water storage tank liners in Dominica for fish tanks, BPM’s responsiveness, competitive pricing, factory tour, provision of welding demonstration videos, and high-quality product samples played a crucial role in winning the customer’s trust and securing the order. We look forward to providing the customer with excellent products and support throughout their tank construction project.

3 Specifications of HDPE Water Storage Tank Liners for fish tanks in Dominica

  • Total Quantity – 20,300 square meters
  • Thickness – 1.0 mm
  • Each roll size is 8m*100m

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