Plastic pavers are often made with high quality HDPE as raw material which has strong pressure and wear resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance. Plastic pavers are a kind of green environmental protection material. It has higher grid density than other brick pavers, and greater tolerance. Plastic pavers are mainly used in parking lots, fire engine access, exhibition centers, modern workshop and roof garden, etc. BPM plastic paver is a structure which provides incredible load bearing strength while protecting vegetation root systems from deadly compaction. High void spaces within the entire cross-section enable excellent root development, and storage capacity for rainfall from storm events. For areas with long-term usage and heavy loads, such as parking lots, we must choose high strength HDPE grass pavers. In addition, for those areas that are built on the roof or where there is long-term direct sunlight, such as open air, grid pavers will help to increase the thickness of nutritious soil and enhance its water retention capacity.

Plastic Pavers for Parking Lot in UK
Plastic Pavers for Parking Lot
Plastic Pavers

In order to increase the green area, the lawns are generally laid on the roadside, and the soil in many green areas is severely compacted due to poor management of the soil. Plastic pavers are the right material to solve this problem. And grass pavers are also widely used in fire exits and parking lots to solve the problem of increasing green space and improve the ecological environment.
Our UK customer sent us inquiry on plastic pavers for parking lot project. He wanted high tensile strength and good load bearing strength products. We quoted them very competitive price. Finally, they signed the supply contract and construction service agreement.

Specifications of Plastic Pavers for Parking Lot in UK

• Plastic pavers size – 500mm×500mm×40mm
• Total quality – 900m2

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