Geogrid material with steel and plastic reinforcement structure is made of high strength steel coated with virgin polyethylene or high density polyethylene by special ultrasonic welding technology. Steel plastic geogrid reinforcement is weld into longitudinal and latitudinal staggered intervals in the same planner, different wire mesh diameter and root number can be fabricated according to project reinforcement force requirement. single or multi-layer geotechnical material usually made from extruding and stretching high-density polyethylene or polypropylene or by weaving or knitting and coating high tenacity polyester yarns. The resulting grid structure possesses large openings (called apertures) that enhance interaction with the soil or aggregate. The high tensile strength and stiffness of geogrid material makes them especially effective as soil and aggregate. BPM geogrid material has the features of strong tension, higher bearing load capacity, easy construction, land optimization, soil erosion protection, lower maintenance cost, etc. Due to the abilities of strength in tension and heavy load distribution across large area, BPM geogrid mesh is widely used to reinforce soils and other materials in construction applications such retaining walls, foundation soil and pavement construction, etc.

Geogrid Material for Road construction in Korea
Geogrid Material for Road construction
Geogrid Material

Existing pavement distress such as surface cracks, rocking joints, and subgrade failures cause the rapid reflection of cracking up through the maintenance treatment. Therefore, the preferred strategy for long-term road and pavement performance is to build in safeguards during initial construction. Geogrid system is also helpful in rehabilitating distressed road surfaces. The application of a layer of asphalt concrete called an overlay is often the solution for damaged pavement.
Our Korean customer sent us an inquiry about the geogrid material for their road reinforcement projects. We have given our customers a detailed introduction on how to use and how to install the polypropylene geogrid product. After many discussions, they finally adopted our comments and selected BMP as a qualified supplier for this project. They also signed a contract with us next day.

Specifications of Geogrid Material for Road construction in Korea

• Tensile Strength 50KN/50KN
• Each roll size – 2m*100m
• Total quantity – 100000 m2

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