Geocomposite clay liner is the geosynthetic clay liner which is generally composed of geotextile and bentonite composites.  The geocomposite clay liner  is engineered for a variety of environmental containment applications.  Geocomposite clay liner is manufactured by sandwiching the bentonite within or layering it on geotextiles or geomembranes by bonding the layers with needling, stitching or chemical adhesives. The geotextile layers offer a long lasting resistance to physical or chemical break-down in harsh elements, while the bentonite’s high swelling capacity and low permeability provide an effective hydraulic seal. The geocomposite clay liner can provide approximately the same hydraulic protection as compacted clay can. The excellent tensile and peel strength properties make the geosynthetic clay liner ideal for composite liner systems, landfill composite base liners and backfilled seepage control liners, etc. BPM geocomposite clay liner is the ideal geosynthetic materials for civil construction applications with the advantages such as easy installation, better hydraulic performance and resistance to varying weather conditions.
In recent years, environmental protection has been paid more and more attention. Any seepage from landfills must be handled properly to prevent groundwater pollution. Geocomposite clay liner includes a thin layer of finely-ground bentonite clay. When wetted, the clay swells and becomes a very effective hydraulic barrier. Geocomposite clay liner is commonly used to augment or replace compacted clay layers.

Geocomposite Clay Liner for Landfill in Thailand
Geocomposite Clay Liner for Landfill
Geocomposite Clay Liner

Our Thailand customer sent us an inquiry on geocomposite clay liner for their landfill project. We have a lot of experience about landfill project. We sent our sample, its function and laying process to our customer. The Thailand customer was satisfied with BPM geocomposite clay liner production process, raw materials and product quality. In addition, I recommend ASTM standard and we quoted them very competitive price. Based on the recognition of our product quality, they accepted our price by communication and signed order quickly.

Specifications of geocomposite clay liner for landfill in Thailand

  • Weight –3500 GSM
  • Size – 5.8m×30m
  • Total quantity – 21,750 m2
  • 5×20HQ container

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