RPE (reinforced polyethylene) pond liner can be an excellent choice for swimming pool projects due to its durability, flexibility, and water containment properties. BPM Geosynthetics is the leading RPE and HDPE geomembrane manufacturer and supplier, we wholesale a variety of RPE liner and HDPE geomembrane liner for water and waste containment applications. But What is RPE Pond Liner? Why Choose RPE Pond Liner Philippines for Swimming Pool Project? Let’s find the answer with the following RPE Pond Liner Philippinesfor Swimming Pool Project cases.

1. What is RPE Pond Liner

RPE pond liner, an abbreviation for reinforced polyethylene liner, has gained significant popularity as a preferred choice for various pond sizes, including smaller garden ponds and larger recreational or industrial use ponds. This popularity can be attributed to the numerous advantages associated with RPE liners. Now, let’s explore some of the key reasons why RPE pond liners are favored over alternative options.

Compared with HDPE and LDPE Pond Liner, RPE is much more puncture-resistant than HDPE, and it’s resilient in temperature changes, while HDPE is not.

2. Why Choose RPE Pond Liner Philippines for Swimming Pool Project

Firstly, RPE liners exhibit exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments. They are resistant to UV rays, punctures, tears, and chemical degradation, providing reliable protection for the pond.

Secondly, RPE pond liners are highly flexible and easy to install. Their flexibility allows for convenient shaping and fitting into various pond configurations, accommodating irregular shapes and contours.

Thirdly, RPE liners are known for their excellent resistance to temperature extremes, maintaining their structural integrity in both hot and cold climates.

Furthermore, RPE pond liners are environmentally friendly, as they are made from recyclable materials and do not release harmful substances into the water.

Lastly, RPE liners offer cost-effectiveness compared to other materials, providing a reliable and affordable solution for pond construction and maintenance.

The RPE pond liner is used extensively as lining material for environmental applications such as landfills, sand reservoirs and geotechnical related applications (dams) in substitution or in addition to compacted clay, bentonite, concrete, steel and bituminous materials.

RPE Pond Liner for Swimming Pool Project in Philippines
RPE Pond Liner for Swimming Pool Project
RPE Pond Liner

BPM RPE pond liner can make the water park a wonderful place with good waterproofing features. Our RPE pond liner is made by 100% virgin raw material, which is food grade and without any harm. People can enjoy swimming and playing in the blue water park without worry. After we got the requirements from our customer and then we sent our RPE pood liner advantages and laying process with no any hesitation. More importantly, we have given our customers a detailed introduction on how to use and how to install the HDPE liner. Our customer is very satisfied with BPM HDPE liner and the water park attracts many tourists everyday.

3 Specifications of RPE Pond Liner for Swimming pool project

  • Thickness – 1.0mm
  • Each roll size – 5.8m*100m
  • Total quantity – 20,300m2
  • One 20GP container

4 How to Install RPE Pond Liner

Installing an RPE (reinforced polyethylene) pond liner involves several steps. Clear the pond area, measure and cut the liner to size, and position it carefully over the pond. Smooth out wrinkles and gradually fill the pond with water while adjusting the liner. Use stones or bricks to temporarily anchor the liner. Trim off excess material and either bury it or conceal it with decorative elements. Alternatively, secure the liner with specialized edging materials. It’s important to follow manufacturer instructions and seek professional guidance for complex installations.

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