High density polyethylene liner is the kind of geosynthetic membrane liner that is made of top quality high grade polyethylene raw material, adding carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component by the state of the art automatic production lines and advanced pressing technology. High density polyethylene liner is an excellent geotechnical product for applications that require chemical resistance, stress crack capacity, lowest permeability, UV and chemical resistance.  As the professional geomembrane  manufacturer, supplier and exporter, The Best Project Material Co., Ltd (BPM Geosynthetics) has been dedicated to supplying one stop geomembrane liner products and  installation services to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2010.  BPM high quality high density polyethylene liner is the ideal material for landfill and mining projects.

High Density Polyethylene Liner for Oil Drilling Project in Indonesia
HDPE Geomembrane Liner for Oil Drilling Project in Indonesia
Polyethylene Liner for Oil Drilling Project in Indonesia

BPM client from Indonesia is a big waste treatment contractor, who makes a contract with local oil&gas company to undertake the environmental treatment for oil drilling area. In the oil drilling process, remember those orange juice commercials? The ones where people tried to poke a rolling orange with a straw? It’s easy to think of the oil drilling process like that, difficult to find the bullseye for the straw, but just a matter of sucking up the juice once it’s stuck. Unfortunately, the whole thing is considerably more complicated and dangerous.

The drilling process is, not surprisingly, unlike using a power drill on a piece of wood. The most prominent difference is that the he hole is filled with “mud” a mixture of fluids, solids and, chemicals. The crew digs a reserve pit, which is used to dispose of rock cuttings and drilling mud during the drilling process, and lines it with plastic to protect the environment.  Consider this, we recommended our client to put 1mm high density polyethylene liner in the pits for the isolation the contaminant with the soil.

Specifications of High Density Polyethylene Liner for Oil Drilling Project in Indonesia

  • Polyethylene liner thickness: Smooth 1 mm
  • Total Quantity: 56,000 Square meters
  • Each roll Size: 5.8x100m
  • Standard: ASTM GM13 standard

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