Geocell soil stabilization is the cost effective method to increase loading capacity, soil structural integrity and the bearing capacity on steep embankments, surface slope stability and road construction applications. HDPE geocell is a kind of three-dimensional geosynthetics product. The space of HDPE geocell can be filled with some fill materials like soil, rocks, sand and others. In generally, HDPE geocell soil stabilization can be used in greenbelt, mountain and slope to prevent soil erosion effectively. With corrosion resistance and high load capacity feature  HDPE geocell soil stabilization  can be contracted and expanded very easily, easy to transport and install as well. In comparison to geogrid, geocell offers enhanced road base strength for asphalt and concrete pavements while reducing cost and construction time. BPM geosynthetics offers perforated and non-perforated HDPE geocell for your choice.

Geocell Soil Stabilization for Road Construction Project in Indonesia
Geocell Soil Stabilization for Road Construction in Indonesia
HDPE Geocell Soil Stabilization for Road Construction in Indonesia

Our Indonesia client called us to buy HDPE geocell soil stabilization for road construction directly. We suggested our client to use textured and perforated BPM geocell 100-450 and 150-710 for road construction according to our experience. Among the geocell 100-450 model, 100 means geocell height 100mm and 450 means welding distance 450mm. Finally, our client chose 150mm geocell height and 710mm welding distance finally by further communication. Then we made a HDPE geocell sample and sent them to test. After testing pasted, our client placed the order on one full 40 HQ container immediately.

Specifications of Geocell Soil Stabilization for Road Construction in Indonesia

  • HDPE Geocell Quantity: 150-710 geocell square meters
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Textured and Perforated

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