Best pond liner, also known as HDPE geomembrane liner, is very important to overall water containment, protection and heath for the shrimp or fish farm ponds. High density polyethylene (HDPE) is the preferred lining material for shrimp or fish farm projects, that is to say,  HDPE geomembrane liner is the best pond liner as the true foundation of your shrimp or fish farm.The HDPE geomembrane liner is made from high polyethylene raw material, adding 2%-3% carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component, adopted the first class automatic production equipment and three-layer pressing technology. HDPE geomembrane liner is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and Ozone resistance, chemical resistance or high-quality installations. The HDPE geomembrane liner is a cost effective choice for exposed lining projects, which are widely used for aquaculture, solid waste containment, mining, water containment applications and biogas pond projects, etc.

Recent years, shrimp market is so extensive and intensive that it requires industrially prepared shrimp feeds, fertilizing the ponds to stimulate the growth of organisms, aeration is widely used to prevent oxygen depletion and regular tidal water exchange.

Key benefits of HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liner for Shrimp or Fish Pond

1.The use of HDPE geomembrane liner can reduce the loss of oxygen caused by infiltration into the soil, facilitate the monitoring of oxygen content in the water, and reduce the cost of oxygen supplementation in the fish pond.

2.The best pond liner can inhibit the growth of algae in water and is easy to clean. Since the geomembrane liner itself contains anti-UV additives, the pond liner is not afraid of the sun and is easy to maintain.

3.There will be less waste such as weeds or sludge at the bottom of the aquaculture ponds with the test pond liner system. At the bottom of the pool, which can be efficiently fished, and the freshness of fish and shrimp is greatly increased.

4.The best pond liner can protect the slopes and banks from erosion, equivalent to disguised increase in production. The stability of the system, of course, also reduces the maintenance of fish ponds and the cost of earthwork.

5.The geoemembrane lining system allows for detection and rapid removal of sediment and waste products.

6.After using HDPE geomembrane pond liner, the environmental adaptability of bacteria in fish ponds will be greatly reduced, thus maintaining the healthy growth of fish and shrimp. By isolating the contact between soil and water, the chemicals in the soil and the bacteria will not spread to the pond, reducing the possibility of disease transmission.

Best Pond Liner for Shrimp Farming Project in Ecuador
Geomembrane Pond Liner for Shrimp Farm Project in Ecuador
Best Pond Liner for Shrimp Farming in Ecuador

BPM Ecuadorian clients sent an inquiry to source 0.75 mm geomembrane liner for shrimp pond project. Through detailed communication, we learned that customers needed to lay geomembrane liner at the bottom of shrimp pond. According to customer’s requirements, BPM sent beast pond liner samples and three inspection reports. Customers were satisfied with the test and the quality of our products. At the same time, we recommended the BPM800 geomembrane welding machine which is suitable for installation of 0.75mm geomembrane. Two weeks later, they ordered 25,000 square meters of HDPE geomembrane liner and one HDPE liner welding machine and asked us to help purchase 20 aerators. The geomembrane liner of aquaculture pond is the most important to control the water quality, which has an impact on the health of fish and shrimp. BPM high quality HDPE aquaculture pond liner is a specially reinforced high density polyethylene geomembrane with excellent ultraviolet and high temperature resistance, which makes BPM high density polyethylene geomembrane liner an ideal product for aquaculture and agricultural applications.

Specifications of Best Pond Liner for Shrimp Farm Project in Ecuador

  • HDPE Liner Thickness: 0.75 mm
  • Total Quantity:25000 Square meters
  • Roll Size:5.8m*200m

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