HDPE fish pond lining material is made of high density polyethylene resin. The manufacturing process includes blowing the film, adding carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-UV ingredients to form the sheet. Smooth HDPE fish pond lining material is the low permeability synthetic membrane liners and geotechnical materials widely used in aquaculture, solid waste containment, mining and artificial lakes, dams and other applications.

Geomembrane pond liners are important for the overall water containment, protection and health of your shrimp or fish farm ponds. HDPE geomembrane liner is the preferred lining material for shrimp or fish farm projects, that is, as the real foundation of your shrimp or fish farm, HDPE fish pond lining material is the best anti seepage pond lining product for fish or shrimp ponds.

Case analysis

  • Destination – Ecuador
  • Product – 0.75mm Geomembrane Pond Liner
  • Use – Shrimp farming
HDPE Fish Pond Lining Material for Farm Pond Projects in Ecuador
HDPE Fish Pond Lining Material for Farm Ponds in Ecuador


A client found us on Facebook, he wanted to purchase some geomembrane pond liner to build a pond. He is a food processing factory, and he has a very large open space that he wants to use to build shrimp ponds. He learned about our projects on Facebook, became very interested, and learned about shrimp pond construction from us. Since the client is located in the tropics and has a lot of rain, shrimp farming is usually carried out in coastal areas, as there are brackish or seawater supply ponds. Also, the land is swampy or sandy, and sometimes organic soils may appear. Such land is not suitable for growing crops or plantations, and the price is relatively cheap. Such land is also used to build ponds, and ponds built in soils that contain pyrite (potentially acid sulfate or active acid sulfate soils) can create low pH levels, which can cause problems for shrimp farming. Ponds built in sandy soil do not hold water well. Organic soils do not allow stable dikes and have a high oxygen demand. Due to the low-lying terrain, shrimp ponds built in these areas face difficulties in drainage and drying after harvest. The bottom of the pond is not completely dry, and after a few prawns have been raised, the bottom of the pond can deteriorate, which can stress the prawns and facilitate disease outbreaks.

We recommend 0.5mm and 0.75 HDPE fish pond lining material to our customers for shrimp farming. And sent a quotation of 2*40HQ to the customer. After the customer received the quotation, he thinks the price is very good. He used to buy geomembrane locally, but the price is very high, so this time he wants to buy from China, he has 5 years of import experience, so he is very interested in our products.

A month later, the customer sent a message asking us to update the price of 0.75mm HDPE fish pond lining material again. We updated the price for the customer according to the quantity of 2*40HQ. Due to the reduction of sea freight, the price is cheaper than last time. Early the next morning, the customer gave us feedback that after communicating with their company, they decided to give us the order. We immediately sent the contract to the client. One week after the customer places the order, we produce the finished goods. After more than a month, the customer received the goods. He raved about our goods, and buying from us is of better quality than what they sourced locally. After receiving the goods, the customer added another 3*40HQ order.

Geotechnical parameters of HDPE Fish Pond Lining Material for Farm Ponds in Ecuador

  • Geomembrane Pond Liner Quantity – 74,480 square meters
  • Thickness – 0.75mm
  • Roll size – 7m*280m


After communicating with our company, we recommend customers to use 0.5mm geomembrane pond liner. This method separates pond water and soil. Due to its durable and unbreakable characteristics, HDPE liner can not only effectively prevent weeds and sludge and other obstructing pollutants into the pond, and can reduce the bacteria in the pond environment, thereby reducing the use of antibiotics.

Before using the impermeable HDPE fish pond lining material, the slope surface should be leveled to prevent sudden protrusions, and then the loose soil should be covered with the membrane layer HDPE cushion.

1) Stretch from the bottom to the top, not too tight, leave a 1.2% margin for local sinking and stretching. Considering the actual situation of the project, the sloping land is laid from top to bottom.

2) The two adjacent longitudinal seams shall not be on a horizontal line and shall be staggered by more than 1m.

3) The distance between the longitudinal joints and the bent feet is more than 1.50M, and should be set on the plane.

4) Slope first and then bottom.

5) When laying the slope, the spreading direction of the HDPE geomembrane liner should be basically parallel to the maximum slope line.

Slope laying. Before laying geomembrane liner on the slope, the laying area should be checked and measured. According to the measured size, the HDPE lining of the impermeable membrane with the matching size in the warehouse is transported to the anchoring ditch platform. When laying, the convenient method of “push” from top to bottom should be adopted according to the actual situation of the site. In the fan-shaped area, it should be cut reasonably so that the upper and lower ends are firmly anchored.

Laying at the bottom of the site: Before laying the anti-seepage membrane HDPE lining, the laying area should be checked and measured, and the anti-seepage membrane lining that matches the size of the warehouse should be transported to the corresponding position according to the measured size. When laying, the anti-seepage geomembrane liner should be pushed in manually in a certain direction.

Fish Pond Lining Material for Farm Ponds in Ecuador
HDPE Fish Pond Lining Material for Farm Pond in Ecuador

Alignment. The paving of the HDPE lining, whether it is the slope or the bottom of the site, should be flat and straight to avoid wrinkles and ripples, so that the two layers of geomembrane are aligned. According to the design requirements, the lap width is generally about 10 cm.

Compression.  The aligned geomembrane is compressed in time with sandbags to prevent wind and pulling. Anchoring trench laying: A certain amount of anti-seepage membrane should be reserved at the top of the anchoring trench according to the design requirements for local subsidence and stretching.

Longitudinal joints. the uphill section is on the top, the downhill section is on the bottom, and sufficient overlap length is reserved ≥ 15cm. After passing the acceptance, lay a bentonite pad in the area, and manually “push the pavement” in a certain direction.


Over the past 15 years of BPM geomembrane production, it has successfully developed markets in 88 countries including Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. Through this communication with Malaysian customers, we have a clear understanding of customer needs and come up with perfect solutions. Arrange samples, testing and production for customers as soon as possible, with our installation instructions. We have won the trust and support of our customers with our professional customized services. In terms of sewage treatment projects, we have gained practical experience and our professionalism has been improved. We look forward to cooperating with you sincerely!

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