As a relatively popular new technology, geotechnical anti-seepage geomembrane geomembrane dam liner is widely used at home and abroad for its good anti-seepage effect, and the combination of geotechnical anti-seepage geomembrane and geotextile forms a composite geotechnical anti-seepage membrane. The impermeable membrane can well protect the geotechnical impermeable membrane from being punctured by those gravel or sharp objects, and also prevent the position offset between the geotechnical impermeable HDPE dam liners and the geotextile. Therefore, geotechnical anti-seepage membrane has a good use in water conservancy projects, which can effectively solve various leakage problems in hydraulic engineering construction. However, the anti-seepage technology of geotechnical anti-seepage HDPE dam liners in the whole warehouse has a good market prospect.

HDPE pond liner can be used on the ground or those relatively flat slopes and those places where we need anti-seepage such as common pools, gates, roofs, etc. In recent years, geotechnical anti-seepage membrane technology has been well applied. The dam built in Spain in 1984 is the earliest dam built with geotechnical anti-seepage membrane technology in the world. The overall height of the dam is 97 meters, and the dam slope is a 1:13 rockfill slope. The upstream is made of stones, which can effectively prevent the damage of the upstream sediment to the dam, and the surface is smoothed with simple cement, and then HDPE high-density vinyl film is spread on it, which is what we call geotechnical seepage control geomembrane impermeability. The thickness of the HDPE film in the lower half of the gauge is as high as 2mm, which is twice that of the upper half. Then, the film is covered with asphalt, and the steel mesh is laid on the asphalt, and finally cement concrete is poured, with a thickness of 16 cm. So far the rule has been working fine. It can be seen that the geotechnical anti-seepage geomembrane dam liner technology has played an important role in improving the quality of water conservancy projects.

Geomembrane Dam Liner for Dam Projects in Ethiopia
HDPE Dam Liners for Dam Project in Ethiopia

Case Study

  • Location – Ethiopia
  • Product – HDPE dam liner
  • Application – Dam Project


Ethiopia is located in a tropical grassland climate, which is divided into dry and wet seasons. The dry season is long and dry with little rain. In order to promote local economic and agricultural development, the local government plans to build dams and store enough rain in the season with sufficient rain, so as to have enough water source to generate electricity and carry out agricultural irrigation in the dry season. The client company has strong local strength and great influence. The government found the client to contract the project and complete the construction of the dam. Among them, the construction of the dam requires good waterproof work. Among many waterproof materials, the customer chose the geomembrane with high cost performance, which is easy to construct.


The customer searched our company from the website and saw that our company had done many projects on the website. He asked us whether we had done the dam project. In this project, how thick the geomembrane is generally used. He also asked how to construct and whether welding services can be provided. Based on our many years of experience, we recommend 1.2mm and 1.5mm geomembrane dam liner and American Standard standards to our customers, send the pictures of dam projects we have done before to customers for reference, and provide customers with videos on how to weld and how to use welding machines. The customer inquired about the service life of the two thicknesses according to the two thicknesses we recommended. For 1.2mm, the American Standard can be used for 10-12 years, and 1.5mm can be used for more than 15 years. Customers are very satisfied with our answers. In our communication, customers can feel that we have enough experience, so they trust us very much. We provided detailed quotations of two thicknesses for customers’ reference. After comparing the prices, the customer chose 1.2mm, 7m wide and 150m long, and purchased two welding machines together.

geomembrane Dam Liners for Dam in Ethiopia
HDPE Dam Liners for Dam Construction Project in Ethiopia


  1. As a waterproofing liner, a geomembrane dam liner is favored over other materials for its modest economic and operational advantage. Economically, HDPE geomembrane is superior thanks to its relatively straightforward manufacturing process, which has driven up supply and kept prices low in contrast to other kinds of geomembranes. As more design engineers become familiar with the material, growing competence in its use further promotes its market dominance and economic edge over competing products.
  2. Reduces Seepage at Reasonable Costs. Since the geomembrane dam liner are impermeable geomembranes made of synthetic materials like plastic and rubber, it is extremely potent at retention of liquids. This is extremely helpful in regions that face frequent droughts. Since most types of pond liners even for large ponds are affordable, the cost involved in retaining water is quite reasonable.
  3. Highly Durable with Chemical Resistance. HDPE dam liner based on HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) are largely non-reactionary to chemicals. They are also highly resistant to the UV rays from direct sunlight, preventing any chemical reaction. Large dam liners are huge in size and thickness, which make them extra strong in keeping tears and punctures at bay. This non-reaction to chemicals, and high durability make keep the water usable for long periods.
  4. Rainwater Harvesting Water Reservoir. Rainwater harvesting is one of the very few techniques to arrest the growing scarcity of water internationally. Therefore, applying large pond liner for this purpose only makes sense, as many drought prone regions have already begun rigorous programs for rainwater harvesting. And given the lost costs, longevity, and durability that liners offer, coupling them with large ponds would yield massive results.


HDPE geomembrane pond liner used for farm pond, fish pond, lakes, bunds, reservoirs, dams, canal, landfill, waste disposal sites, wastewater storage, rainwater harvesting, irrigation storage. BPM geomembrane dam liner made from HDPE woven fabrics laminated with LDPE adding UV stabilizer, carbon black, and additive to improve life, make chemical resistant and protected against UV, and oxidation. It is economical compared to the concrete tank.

BPM HDPE geomembrane Pond liner specifically designed for use in water retention and containment in the big reservoir, farm pond, and lake applications. Its formulation and production process makes it durable and extra sturdy. It is durable, tear-resistant, stress crack resistant, puncher resistant, lightweight construction of BPM HDPE  geomembrane provides maximum performance in all climates and environmental conditions.

Specifications of Geomembrane Dam Liner for Dam Project in Ethiopia

  • Total hdpe dam liner quantity–48,300 squares meters
  • HDPE liner thickness – 1.2mm
  • Each roll size is 7m*150m

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