Grass paver is often made with modified high molecular weight HDPE as raw material which has strong pressure resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, it is a kind of green environmental protection material.

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1 What Is Grass Paver?

Grass pavers are a type of permeable paving system that consists of a ring-on-grid structure made from 100% recycled materials. Their purpose is to provide support and protection to grass roots, enabling them to withstand both pedestrian and heavy-weight vehicular traffic.

These pavers have a higher grid density compared to conventional brick pavers, ensuring greater durability and load-bearing capacity. They are commonly used in various applications including residential greenbelts, green roofs, ecological parking lots, and fire exits. In areas with long-term usage and heavy loads like parking lots, high-strength HDPE grass pavers are preferred.

One of the key benefits of grass pavers is their ability to foster the growth of grass or other ground cover within the open cells or voids of the pavers. This creates a natural and visually appealing surface that blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment. Additionally, when used in areas exposed to direct sunlight, such as open-air spaces or rooftops, grass pavers can increase the thickness of the nutritious soil layer, enhancing its water retention capacity.

Grass pavers offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for creating stable surfaces that encourage vegetation growth while fulfilling the functional requirements of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

2 Advatages of Grass pavers for Parking Lot

Choosing grass pavers for parking lots in Australia offers several advantages:

1. Increased Green Space: Grass pavers allow for the integration of greenery within parking lots, helping to increase the overall area of vegetation. This is particularly beneficial in urban areas where green spaces are limited. The use of grass pavers promotes a greener environment and contributes to a more aesthetically pleasing parking lot design.

2. Soil Restoration: Many green areas in Australia suffer from soil compaction issues due to inadequate soil management. Grass pavers provide a solution by allowing for the growth of grass or ground cover within the paver cells. This helps to restore and improve soil conditions, allowing for healthier vegetation growth and enhanced ecological balance.

3. Ecological Benefits: Grass pavers contribute to the improvement of the ecological environment by supporting the growth of vegetation. They assist in reducing stormwater runoff, filtering pollutants, and preventing soil erosion. By choosing grass pavers for parking lots, Australia can enhance its ecological sustainability and promote a healthier urban ecosystem.

4. Safety: Grass pavers are also suitable for fire exits in parking lots. They provide a stable surface for vehicular and pedestrian traffic while allowing grass or ground cover to grow. This combination of stability and greenery helps to improve safety in parking lots by reducing the risk of slips and falls and providing additional emergency access routes.

Grass pavers for parking lots in Australia offers benefits such as increased green space, soil restoration, ecological improvement, and enhanced safety. These factors contribute to a more sustainable and visually appealing parking lot design while promoting a healthier environment.

BPM Grass Paver for Parking Lot in Australia
Grass Paver for Parking Lot in Australia
HDPE Grass Paver for Parking Lot in Australia

3 Why Chose Grass pavers for Parking Lot in Australia

Grass pavers offer numerous advantages for parking lots in Australia, making them an excellent choice. Firstly, they enable the expansion of green spaces within parking areas, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and environmental impact. By incorporating grass pavers, parking lots can contribute to a greener and more visually pleasing urban landscape.

Additionally, grass pavers are particularly beneficial in areas where soil compaction is a problem due to poor soil management. These pavers provide a solution by allowing for the growth of grass or ground cover within their cells, helping to restore and improve soil conditions. This promotes healthier vegetation growth and contributes to the ecological balance.

Grass pavers are also commonly used in fire exits and parking lots to increase green space, improve the ecological environment, and enhance safety. They provide a stable surface for vehicular and pedestrian traffic while allowing for the growth of grass or ground cover. This combination of stability and greenery helps minimize the risk of slips and falls and provides additional emergency access routes.

In the specific case of the Australian customer, they found the supplier through a Google search and sought green grass pavers for their parking lot. Their specific requirements for high tensile strength and good load-bearing capacity were met with the supplier’s recommendation of plain top green grass pavers. After testing the samples, the customer’s company decided to proceed with ordering the recommended products, satisfied with their competitive pricing and higher quality.

4 Specifications of Grass paver for Parking Lot in Australia 

  • Grass paver size – 500mm*500mm*48mm
  • Total quatity – 4300m2

BPM grass paver has green and black color for you to choose, our grass pavers are widely be used in parking lots, fire engine access, fire level, golf lane, convention and exhibition centers, modern workshop, noble community, roof garden, etc.

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