Biaxial geogrid is often made of high strength industrial polyester or polypropylene filament fiber as raw material and the warp knitting and directional structure composite weaving process. The meridional fiber yarn in the warp knitted biaxial geogrid has a strong bonding point, which has excellent mechanical properties and long-term strength stability. The Dacron geotechnical grille has the characteristics of high tensile strength, small extension force, strong strengthening ability, great strength of resistance to tear, balance of vertical and horizontal strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and light quality, which can effectively lock soil or gravel, greatly enhance the shear ability and overall stability of soil. Warp knitted biaxial geogrid is widely used in road, railway, municipal and other road soft soil foundation treatment and subgrade, embankment and other engineering reinforcement and protection.

Biaxial Geogrid for Port Extension project in Indonesia

In the construction of port breakwater and cofferdam, the first problem to be solved is soft soil foundation. The soft soil foundation is usually treated by a combination of sand cushion and plastic drainage board, but due to the heavy load on the upper part, the uneven settlement and slip can be caused. Laying biaxial geogrid and filament non woven geogextile at the bottom will increase friction, reinforce subgrade and soft soil, greatly preventing uneven settlement and sliding movement, which plays an important role in increasing the overall stability of the port dam.

BPM Geogrid for Port Extension project in Indonesia

Our Indonesia customer had a port construction project by bidding in December, 2017. The soft soil foundation is the important problem to be solved. Our engineer recommended biaxial geogrid and filament nonwoven geotextile product to increase the bearing capacity and stabilization of low load bearing soils. He visited our professional geosynthtics factory and geogrid automatic production lines, and take some samples back for third party lab testing. Two months later, he placed the order for 120,000 square meters filament non woven geotextile and 90,000 square meters HDPE biaxial geogrid. In the same time, the Indonesia customer paid for the deposit and confirmed delivery schedule, factory on-site inspection.

Specifications of Biaxial Geogrid for Port Extension project

  • Total quantity – 90,000 m2
  • Two 40HQ containers
BPM Geogrid for Port Extension project in Indonesia

BPM undertook the deployment and installation of biaxial geogrid  and filament nonwoven geotextile for the Indonesia Port Extension project in July, 2018. Our customer was very satisfied with our products and our profession in the construction process. This becomes a symbol geosynthetic project in local market and also a big hit in making full use of land sources. Hope to be your partner.

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