Geocomposite is the two or three-layer three dimensional drainage geosynthetics product, as the drainage net. It consists of a geonet core and heat-bonded non woven geotextile on both sides or one side. The geonet is manufactured from high density polyethylene resin, adding 2%-3% carbon black, anti UV and anti-oxidant, processed by special extruding technology. Geocomposite combines the excellent characteristics of HDPE geonet and filament geotextile which provides optimal manner such as good permeability, strong drainage ability, and high tensile strength and lower cost. BPM geocomposite geonet has excellent performance which traditional draining gravel doesn’t have. Geocomposite is widely used for landfill, railway system drainage, road subgrade drainage and reinforcement, tunnel and retaining wall drainage and reinforcement, etc.

Geocomposite for Landfill in Thailand
High Quality Geocomposite for Landfill in Thailand
High Quality Geocomposite for Landfill in Thailand

Our Thailand customer got a tender for landfill project in March, 2018. They needed composite to act as the geomembrane protection liner and soil water drainage.The required quantity of drainage geocomposite net is more than 20,000 square meters.We recommended them our 970gsm composite drainage geonet which contains 200gsm geotextile and 750gsm two ribs of geonet. The geotextile was heated bonded on one side of geonet. The geonet with geotextile sample was offered for their engineer lab test, then they confirmed the quality and after that order of 20,000sqm was placed. The three dimensional drainage geocomposite acted as drainage and protection very well in their landfill site and they approved our quality. In the following three months, more quantity of drainage net will be required and we will be responsible for their supply.

Specifications of Geocomposite for Landfill  in Thailand

  • Total quantity – 20,000 m2
  • Each roll size 4.5m*50m

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