BPM had provided the full line of geosynthetic solutions such as geogrid and geotextile for Gili Mas Port construction project since 2017. Gili Mas Port is located in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The Gili Mas Port was planned to cover with an area of 50 hectares, 440 meters long and 26 meters wide with sea depth up to 13 meters after reclamation and construction. Then the land preparation will be reached 100 percent. BPM tried best to cooperate with the the Indonesia government construction company as the geosynthetic solutions supplier to accomplish the project of Gili Mas Port. Finally, we manufactured and supplied the geogrid and geotextile for the project. Now the Gili Mas Terminal is not only strengthening the regional and national economy, but also have good tourism effects in the region. With the potential for tourism development in the southern region, the port is not only  a means of loading and unloading goods and container storage centers, but also become a new tourist destination.

BPM Geogrid and Geotextile for Gili Mas Port Construction in Indonesia

BPM Geogrid and Geotextile Solutions for Port Construction

The port construction includes wharves, port roads, container yards, revetment engineering, and some comprehensive engineering construction such as breakwaters. Therefore, the port construction comprehensively involves the use of geosynthetic solutions such as geogrid and geotextile. The soil in the surface layer of the port region is mucky clayed with soil, which is classified as soft soil with high water containment, high void ratio, lower shear strength and lower permeability. The 4~15 meters underground soft soil layer is mucky clay and mucky silty layer of marine deposit. The physical and mechanical indices of this soft soil layer are slightly better, but the deeper silt and limonitic layer has better physical and mechanical properties. So geosynthetic solutions such as geomembrane, geogrid and geotextile are the ideal application to enforce, strength and stabilize the weak and soft soil foundations. Geotextile is often used for filtration layers, slope protection and land reclamation from the sea, and geogrid for foundation reinforcement. Geomembranes are used as anti-seepage material in buildings and for vacuum preloading sealing material. In short, geosynthetic solutions are absolutely necessary for everything from reclamation of land from the sea to actual port construction.

BPM Geogrid and Geotextile Unloading for Gili Mas Port Construction in Indonesia

As the leading geosynthetic products manufacturer and wholesaler, The Best Project Material Co., Ltd (BPM) has dedicated to manufacturing and supplying one stop geosynthetic solutions and services to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2010. BPM has over 120 professional staff and 16,000 square meters manufacturing factory equipped with state of the art production lines. BPM innovative, high quality geosynthetic solutions include geomembranes, geotextiles, geocells, geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs), drainage boards, geogrids, etc. All BPM brand geosynthetic products have been pass the certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, Soncap, SASO, BV and passed the test of SGS and Intertek etc.

Geogrid and Geotextile on Gili Mas Port Construction in Indonesia

Why Chose BPM Geogrid and Geotextile for Gili Mas Port Construction in Indonesia

BPM geogrid and geotextile were chosen for the Gili Mas Port construction project in Indonesia due to their effectiveness in addressing the challenges posed by soft soil foundations. The port construction company, partnered with BPM Indonesia, served as the contractor for the project.

The construction of the port breakwater and cofferdam required a solution for the soft soil foundation, which is typically treated using a combination of sand cushion and plastic drainage boards. However, heavy loads on the upper part can lead to uneven settlement and sliding movements. To counteract these issues, biaxial geogrid and filament non-woven geotextile were employed. These geosynthetic solutions enhance friction, reinforce the subgrade and soft soil, and significantly reduce the risk of uneven settlement and sliding.

During the initial stages, the Indonesian construction company visited BPM’s 12,000-square-meter factory and observed their advanced production line for geotextiles and geogrids, leaving a professional impression. An order was placed, and a deposit was provided. Considering the urgent project schedule, BPM expedited the supply of geotextiles and geogrids to meet the required project deadline.

To ensure quality, the government company sent technical staff to inspect and test the goods after production was completed. All the ordered geogrid and geotextile products were produced and delivered on time to the specified destination, meeting the project’s requirements.

By selecting BPM geogrid and geotextile for the Gili Mas Port construction, the contractor was able to address the challenges posed by soft soil foundations effectively. The geosynthetic solutions provided increased stability, minimized settlement issues, and met the project’s deadlines and quality expectations.

Geogrid and Geotextile on Gili Mas Port Construction in IndonesiaBPM Geotextile for Gili Mas Port Construction in Indonesia

Non Woven Geotextile for Gili Mas Port Construction Project

As one of the important geosynthetic solutions for Gili Mas Port construction project, this port construction project required 188,000 square meters filament non woven geotextile for port protection and reinforcement. BPM brand non woven geotextiles include filament non woven geotextile, short fiber needle punched geotextile fabric, etc.  We also produce woven geotextiles including polypropylene woven geotextile and pet woven geotextile fabric, etc. 

After detailed communication, BPM customer ordered filament non woven geotextile for this port construction project.

Specifications of Non woven Geotextile for Port Construction Project

  • Total filament geotextile quantity – 188,000m2
  • Filament Geotextile specification – 600g/m2
  • Each roll size is 5.8m*50m
  • Five 40HQ containers
Geogrid for Gili Mas Port Construction in Indonesia

Biaxial Geogrid for Gili Mas Port Construction Project

Biaxial geogrid is made of high strength industrial polyester or polypropylene filament fiber as raw material by the warp knitting and directional structure composite weaving process. The meridional fiber yarn in the warp knitted biaxial geogrid has a strong bonding point, which has excellent mechanical properties and long-term strength stability. BPM brand biaxial geogrid features high tensile strength, small extension force, strong strengthening ability, great strength of resistance to tear, balance of vertical and horizontal strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, which can effectively lock soil or gravel, greatly enhance the shear ability and overall stability of soil. After detailed communication, BPM customer ordered warp knitted biaxial geogrid for this port construction project for subgrade soil foundation treatment and protection.

Specifications of Biaxial Geogrid for Port Construction Project

  • Specifications: warp knitted biaxial geogrid 300kNx300kN
  • Total quantity –  88,000 m2
  • Four 40HQ containers
BPM Geosynthetic Solutions for Gili Mas Port Construction in Indonesia

Quality Assurance of  Geogrid and Geotextile

The Gili Mas Port project required that geotextile specification is 40x40kN/m and geogrid is 300kNx300kN. BPM geosynthetics lab tested 3 times for each shift of geogrid and geotextile to make sure the quality is in accordance with project design. As the project is in tight schedule, geogrid and geotextile goods were delivered by three shipments of 188,000 square meters geotextile and 88,000 square meters geogrid.

Onsite Installation of Geogrid and Geotextile

In the installation process, geotexitle needs to combine two pieces together by sewing machine, the steel pipe was added to the geogrid protecting the geogrid rolls which facilitate the onsite installation. Geotextile can protect the newly built coast line as their flexibility and permeability ensure withstanding of the impact of waves and currents, preventing erosion and washing out of the soil. BPM customers were very satisfied with geosynthetic products and profession in the construction process. BPM witnessed this big project in this two years which will be finished in September 2019. And this project will also rapidly enhanced the development of local transportation and tourism industry in the new port. This port construction project becomes a symbol geosynthetic project in local market and also a big hit in making full use of land sources. 

Geogrid and Geotextile for Gili Mas Port Construction in Indonesia

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