HDPE geocell slope protection material is the three dimensional structure formed by high strength HDPE or PP copolymer broadband through strong welding or riveting process. The HPDE geocell material can scale freely, shrink and fold up when transported, open when used and fill with earth, stone or concrete, etc. It can form a structure with strong lateral restriction and stiffness in the HDPE geocell slope protection project.  HDPE geocell can be used as a cushion layer to deal with weak foundation to increase the bearing capacity of foundation, or it can be laid on slope surface to form geocell slope protection structure, and it can also be used to build support and block structure.

The Main Function of HDPE Geocell Slope Protection Material

  • Used to stabilize road and railway subgrade.
  • Used for embankment and shallow water channel treatment with load bearing capacity.
  • Used retaining wall for preventing landslide and load.
  • When soft foundation is encountered, the use of HDPE geocell material can greatly reduce the construction labor intensity, reduce the thickness of roadbed construction speed, good performance, and greatly reduce the project cost.
Geocell Slope Protection Project In UK
HDPE Geocell Slope Protection Project In UK
HDPE Geocell Slope Protection for Road Project In UK

The UK customer contacted us through BPM website –  www.bpmgeosynthetics.com. The Client listed the condition of the company’s business type and the geocell would be used for the slope of the road side to protect in detail. In the technical properties, the geotechnical material required very high on strength and also the bearing capacity. Based on client local environment, soil condition, slope angles, BPM technical staff gave proper recommendation based on clients project design which together use HDPE geocell slope protection product and geotextile.

To make negotiation faster and product quality be specified, BPM prepared  and send the geocell slope protection material and geotextile samples to the customer within 1 weeks. After receiving the sample and tested in local SGS testing lab, client chose BPM HDPE Geocell and geotextile for this project.

Specifications of HDPE Geocell Slope Protection Project in UK

  • Total HDPE geocell quantity – 20000 m2
  • Geocell specification – GS330
  • Geocell Height – 75mm and 100mm
  • Geocell Thickness– 1.5mm
  • Textured and Perforated

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