Geo geocell is commonly made with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), it  can also made with other polymers such as  Novel Polymeric Alloy (NPA).  The geo geocell product is widely used in civil construction project for erosion control, soil stabilization on flat ground, shorelines, channel protection and structural reinforcement for heavy duty load support roads and earth retention. BPM brand geo geocell has been shown to increase soil strength by confinement, reducing lateral spreading and causing the confined composite to behave as a more rigid mattress.

Geo geocell has long been used as means for improving soil conditions, especially in soil reinforcement applications. Geo geocell have been increasingly popular in construction and geotechnical ground improvement applications due to its ease of use and cost-efficiency. Their ease of installation and significant benefits has been a major factor in their increased use since the 1970’s, including earth retention, slopes construction, landfill lining, and coastal protection. Additionally, the holes can allow for further interlocking with granular materials, although the reduced nominal width of the cell walls does cause the wall tensile strength to be lower. This multitude of geo geocell specifications allows extreme versatility in its applications to soil reinforcement.

Geocell for Slope Reinforcement
Geo Geocell for Slope Reinforcement
Geo Geocell for Slope Reinforcement in Linyi

One customer sent us an inquiry about the geo geocell for their slope reinforcement projects, which is situated in Linyi, Shandong province of China. As is known to all, Linyi is city with heavy rainfall, the heavy rain erodes the slope seriously. So, they intended to use geocell as the slope reinforcement material. We recommend them that the 100mm height,356mm welding distance HDPE plastic gravel stabilizer geocell is a smart choice.Finally, they adopted our comments, and selected BMP as a qualified supplier for this project.

Specifications of Geo Geocell for Slope Reinforcement in Linyi

  • Thickness – 1.5mm
  • Welding distance–356mm
  • Height–150mm
  • Total quantity – 25000 m2

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