HDPE Landfill liner, also called landfill liner or HDPE Liner, is the kind of HDPE geomembrane which is laid down under engineered landfill sites.  BPM brand HDPE landfill liner has many excellent chemical and mechanical property like puncture resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet-resistant, seepage, the good effect of moisture, low cost and simple construction, etc.

Hazardous waste cannot be recycled with its components and energy, such as a large amount of industrial waste, which is a waste of this nature and must be safely landfilled. Landfill liner system must has the anti- seepage layer which meet the requirements and not cause secondary pollution. An effective liner in a landfill system should be able to control water in terms of movement and protection on the environment. It should be able to regulate the flow away from the waste area and withhold the waste contents as it enters the actual landfill. In recent years, with the rapid economic and social development of Suqian City, the amount of solid waste, especially hazardous waste, has increased dramatically.

HDPE Landfill Liner for Hazardous Waste Containment
HDP ELandfill Liner for Hazardous Waste Containment
HDPE Landfill Liner for Waste Containment

Our Suqian city customer inquired on HDPE landfill liner for hazardous waste containment project in Oct, 2017. Mr Wang and his team, accompanied by our technical staff, conducted a site visit to our company. They have a comprehensive understanding on production equipment, production technology, raw materials and give a high praise to our products. We have given our customers a detailed introduction on how to use and how to install the HDPE landfill liner. Finally, he signed order contract with us.

Specifications of HDPE Landfill Liner for Hazardous Waste Containment in Suqian City

  • Specification – 1.0mm
  • Each roll size – 6m×50m

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