Geosynthetic materials are the synthetic products that are made from polymeric materials and used in a wide range of applications such as civil engineering, transportation, environmental and sustainable building projects.  As the leading geosynthetic materials manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier, The Best Project Material Co., Ltd (BPM Geosynthetics) has been dedicated to supplying one stop geosynthetic materials and services to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2007.

1. What Are Geosynthetic Materials?

Geosynthetic materials are synthetic products specifically designed for use in geotechnical and civil engineering applications. They are made from polymers such as polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These materials are engineered to possess specific properties that enhance their performance in various geotechnical and civil engineering functions.

Geosynthetics are widely used to solve engineering challenges related to ground stabilization, erosion control, drainage, filtration, separation, reinforcement, and containment. They provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for a range of applications in infrastructure development, environmental protection, and construction projects.

There are several types of geosynthetic materials, including:

1.1 Geotextiles

These are permeable fabrics made from synthetic fibers. Geotextiles are used for filtration, separation, and reinforcement purposes. They can prevent the migration of fine particles, control soil erosion, and enhance the strength and stability of soil structures.

1.2 Geogrids

Geogrids are high-strength, grid-like structures made from polymers or metallic materials. They are used to reinforce soil, providing tensile strength and stabilizing slopes, embankments, and retaining walls. Geogrids can distribute loads, reduce settlement, and improve the overall stability of the soil.

1.3 Geomembranes

Geomembranes are impermeable synthetic membranes used for containment and barrier systems. They provide a barrier against fluid or gas migration and are commonly used in applications such as landfill liners, reservoirs, ponds, and canals.

1.4 Geocomposites

Geocomposites are composite materials that combine two or more geosynthetic components. They are designed to provide multiple functions, such as filtration, separation, and drainage. Geocomposites offer increased efficiency and versatility in various applications.

1.5 Geocells

Geocells are three-dimensional honeycomb-like structures made from geosynthetic materials. They are used for soil stabilization, slope protection, and erosion control. Geocells confine and reinforce soil, preventing lateral movement and promoting vegetation growth.

The use of geosynthetics offers numerous benefits, including improved soil stability, enhanced drainage, increased load-bearing capacity, erosion control, and environmental protection. Geosynthetic materials provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions, reducing the need for traditional construction materials and minimizing environmental impact.

Geosynthetic materials play a vital role in modern geotechnical and civil engineering practices, providing versatile and effective solutions for a wide range of engineering challenges.

BPM Geosynthetic Materials will Show on the 11th International Conference
BPM Geosynthetic Materials
HDPE Geosynthetic Materials will Show on the 11th International Conference

2. BPM Geosynthetic Materials Show on the 11th International Conference

Attending the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics (11ICG) in Seoul, Korea, BPM will showcase its range of geotextiles, geomembranes, and other geosynthetic materials. The conference, held from September 16 to 21, 2018, is a significant event in the geosynthetics industry, attracting a large number of participants, including approximately 1,000 subscribers and over 100 companies from around the world.

By participating in this conference, BPM aims to enhance its visibility and market presence, seizing optimal marketing opportunities for increased exposure and market expansion. The event serves as a platform to showcase the company’s innovative geosynthetic products and their applications in various geotechnical and civil engineering projects.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity for BPM to interact with industry experts, researchers, engineers, and potential customers. It enables knowledge exchange, technical discussions, and networking, fostering collaborations and partnerships within the geosynthetics community.

BPM’s presence at the 11ICG demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of the geosynthetics industry, showcasing its product offerings, and keeping up with the latest advancements and trends in the field. By participating in such events, BPM can contribute to the continuous development and advancement of geosynthetics technology, while also expanding its market reach and business opportunities.

BPM Geosynthetics has been dedicated in geosynthetic materials research and development, production and installation services for more than 10 years and become the leader in this fiels. BPM geosynthetic materials are set of innovative, high quality geomembranes, geotextiles, geocells, geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs), drainage boards, geogridsetc. More than 6 series 80 kinds of geosynthetics had been manufactured to satisfy your demand.

At that time, BPM will show the following high quality geosynthetic products such as smooth geomembrane, short fiber non woven geotextile, filament non woven geotextile, HDPE geogrid, geocell and drainage net, etc.  Our main customers are from Australia, France, Sweden, UK, Hong Kong, Hungary, New Zealand, Poland, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Mongolia etc. Our Booth Number is 6-J-1I.

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