GCL Liner, also called Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL), is a new type of  composite geosynthetic material widely used in a variety of environmental containment applications as an alternative to traditional compacted clay liners to satisfy your exact project requirements.  GCL Liner is made with the sodium bentonite particles are filled between a woven geotextile and a non-woven geotextile, so it is also called bentonite clay liner. Within the geosynthetic clay liner, the upper non-woven fabric fibers are passed through the bentonite particles, and the special process and equipment are connected to the underlying woven fabric by a special method. GCL liner which is made by this method do not flow in one direction, and thus can form a uniform waterproof layer in the entire range. The function of waterproof and impervious GCL liner can be widely applied to many engineering construction conditions.

GCL liner is suitable for seepage prevention and waterproof treatment of structures with water storage characteristics such as artificial lakes, reservoirs, large swimming pools, fish farms, channels, garbage disposal yards, etc.  Our bentonite clay liner is also applicable to high pressures in buildings, such as basements and tunnels, and impervious and waterproof constructions of buildings in areas with large temperature differences, like seepage prevention, sealing and isolation of subways, pools, and diversion channels.

Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) advantages

  • Permanent waterproof
  • Very low permeability coefficient
  • Easy to lay and repair
  • No special installation of equipment required
  • Save costs
Geosynthetic Clay Liners for landfill in America
GCL liner for Landfill in America
GCL liner for Landfill Project in America

Our United State customer inquired 5000 square meters geosynthetic clay liners for landfill project. Through communicationwe suggest our customer using 5000g/ gcl liner for landfill according to our rich experience in the industry. Through negotiationour customer agreed with the price and size we quoted. Finally our customers placed the order for 5.8m*30m total 5,000 square meters BPM GCL liner.

Specifications of GCL liner for Landfill Project in America

  • GCL liner Size – 5.8x 30m
  • Quantity – 5,000

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