The Best Project Material Co., Ltd (BPM) had released its new logo. BPM is the leading geosynthetics manufacturer from china, our high quality products include geomembrane, geotextile, geocell, geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), drainage board and geogrid, which had been exported to over 36 countries. We released the new logo this month to meet and express the fast development and new image of our company and its products. The new logo keeps the main structure of previous one and adds more elements which indicate big changes of BPM company. The new logo also conveys the enterprise culture, our values and the long term close cooperation with our partners.

geosynthetics manufacturer
geosynthetics new logo
geosynthetics manufacturing factory

Our logo has evolved on the basis of hexagon and surrounded the updated BPM shape.  The hexagon wraps the three squares into a cube, making the whole logo looks stable and safe. It is like the functions of BPM geotechnical products, safe for environmental and engineering projects. And the dark blue color is in accordance with the strict pursue in quality design.

Both the hexagon outside and the cube inside are consist of three parts in three different colors because in Chinese traditional culture there is a saying goes, ‘one generate two, two generate three and three generate all’. This design not only makes the logo more vivid but also shows that our company aims to do business with customers all over the world.

BPM company is known as the high quality geosynthetics, so the style of logo is in accordance with the characteristics of our products. In a word, our new logo is as reliable as the quality of our geosynthetics products, just like our company’s culture and as sincere as our business concept.

The new logo not only brings stimulus, but also symbolizes the beginning of the promising future of our company. It is our pursuit to let our brand rooting in our consumer’s heart.

A new Logo with a new kickoff to brilliant future for you with us.

Welcome to know me.  My name is the BPM New LOGO.