HDPE geomembrane pond liner, especially 1mm pond liner, is applied widely used as the aquaculture anti seepage lining system. The HDPE geomembrane pond liner has the good anti-seepage performance and long-term performance which can protect groundwater resources from pollution. In fact, 1mm pond liner is also used more and more widely used in fish farming and other aquaculture fields. The HDPE geomembrane pond liner has the following functions and advantages.

  1. Water storage. Due to its low permeability, HDPE geomembrane has good water storage performance to prevent the water in the fish pond from seeping into the soil, monitor the water level, and save related water conservation costs.
  2. Water quality stability.The use of HDPE geomembrane can maintain the balance of water quality, reduce changes in water conditions, and reduce the cost and time of water quality control.
  3. Oxygen content.The use of HDPE geomembrane can reduce the loss of oxygen caused by infiltration into the soil, facilitate the monitoring of the oxygen content in the water, and reduce the cost of supplementing oxygen in fish ponds.
  4. Reduce maintenance cost: HDPE geomembrane, can inhibit the growth of algae in water, easy to clean. Since the geomembrane itself contains UV-resistant additives, the geomembrane is not afraid of the sun and is easy to maintain.Due to the low maintenance cost and time, fishing can be carried out conveniently.
  5. System stability.Compared with digging a pond directly, using HDPE geomembrane can stabilize the slope. It is beneficial to eliminate the threats caused by wind, rain, waves and other natural conditions to the fish pond, and maintain the system stability at the time of design to prevent the loss of farmed crops due to the damage caused by the environment in the fish pond. In addition, the use of HDPE geomembrane can make the pond have steep slopes and depth, which is equivalent to increasing production in disguise. The stability of the system, of course, also reduces the cost of maintaining the earthwork of the fish farm.
  6. Increase output. After using HDPE geomembrane pond liner, there will be no weeds, sludge and other things affecting the fishing speed at the bottom of the pond, so fishing can be carried out efficiently. The fishing time will be greatly reduced, and the vitality and freshness of fish and shrimp will be greatly enhanced.
  7. Disease hazard. After using HDPE geomembrane pond liner, keep fish and shrimp healthy growth. Since the contact between the soil and the water is blocked, the chemical substances in the soil and the germs will not be transmitted to the pond, reducing the possibility of disease transmission. It can be said that the use of 1mm pond liner reduces the cost of medicines for fish farming and the risk of large-scale fish and shrimp deaths due to disease.
  8. Pond cleaning. After installing HDPE geomembrane liner, it will be easy to clean the pond. And it is easy to install a clean drainage system in the pond.
  9. Improve the breeding cycle. After using HDPE geomembrane, it is easy to clean and fish, saving a lot of cost time, which can speed up the cultivation of fish ponds and increase the production in disguised form.
1mm Pond Liner for Fish Farm Project in Indonesia
1mm Pond Liner for Fish Farm Projects in Indonesia
HDPE Pond Liner for Fish Farm Project in Indonesia

BPM Indonesia customer called us about 1mm pond liner. And then they sent us project drawings and more details. We recommended 100% virgin material with thickness of 1mm pond liner. Besides, we sent detailed technical indicators and samples for testing.Also we sent test report from the third party GAI-LAP approved by USA for 1mm pond liner and some relative big project cases for their reference. After testing, the customer was very satisfied with our samples that all data can meet their requirements. Our client ordered one full 40HQ once passed the test.

Specifications of 1mm Pond Liner for Fish Farm Project in Indonesia

  • Total 1mm pond liner quantity – 1* 40HQ containers
  • Geomembrane Pond Liner specification – 1.0mm
  • Each roll size is 7m*280m

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