HDPE containment liner is kind of  HDPE geomembrane liner widely used waterproof and barrier geosynthetic material based on high molecular polymers.

1 What is HDPE Containment liner?

HDPE containment liners are highly preferred for lining projects due to their exceptional qualities and suitability for various applications. These liners are particularly well-suited for large-scale projects that require resistance to UV radiation, ozone, chemicals, and demand top-tier installations. The HDPE containment liner produced by BPM is composed of high-quality primary high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as the impermeable base material. During the production process, a special formula is employed, incorporating carbon black, antioxidants, anti-aging agents, UV absorbers, and color masters. The liner is manufactured using highly automated geomembrane equipment and undergoes three-layer co-extrusion blow molding technology.

HDPE containment liners exhibit remarkable characteristics such as extremely low permeability, excellent chemical resistance, UV resistance, and exceptional cost-effectiveness. As a result, they are the material of choice for anti-seepage engineering projects. HDPE geomembrane liners, made of high molecular polymer, possess excellent anti-seepage and isolation properties, along with strong resistance to acids, alkalis, and corrosion. In sewage anti-seepage applications, they effectively prevent contamination of the surrounding soil and environment, thereby safeguarding human health.

The versatility of HDPE geomembrane liners makes them widely used as impoundment and tank liners for various chemical, petroleum, and process wastewaters. These membranes offer a broad range of chemical resistance and physical properties, making them the ideal choice for wastewater treatment processes. With their reliable performance and durability, HDPE containment liners play a crucial role in ensuring effective containment and protection in diverse industrial and environmental settings.

HDPE Containment Liner for Wastewater Treatment in Thailand
Containment Liner for Wastewater Treatment in Thailand
HDPE Containment Liner for Wastewater Treatment in Thailand

2 Why Chose HDPE Containment Liner Thailand for Wastewater Treatment?

Choosing HDPE containment liner in Thailand for wastewater treatment offers several advantages. BPM, a trusted HDPE liner manufacturer and supplier, recommended a 1.0mm HDPE containment liner for a customer’s sewage treatment tank construction project. Here are the reasons why HDPE containment liners are a great choice for wastewater treatment applications:

1. Durability: HDPE geomembrane liners are specifically engineered to withstand demanding applications and harsh environments, making them ideal for wastewater treatment plants. They provide long-lasting performance and can endure rigorous conditions.

2. High-Strength Membranes: HDPE containment liners are known for their high-strength characteristics. They offer exceptional resistance to tearing, punctures, and other mechanical stresses, ensuring reliable containment of wastewater and preventing leaks or seepage.

3. Chemical Resistance: Wastewater often contains chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and contaminants. HDPE containment liners have excellent chemical resistance, protecting against corrosion and degradation caused by the substances present in the wastewater.

4. GAI-LAP Test Report: BPM provided the Thailand customer with a GAI-LAP test report for the HDPE containment liner. This report demonstrates that the liner meets industry standards and quality requirements, assuring the customer of its performance and reliability.

5. Case Studies: BPM shared relevant case studies showcasing successful construction projects involving wastewater treatment ponds using their HDPE containment liners. These case studies provide practical examples and demonstrate the liner’s effectiveness in similar applications, instilling confidence in the customer about its suitability for their project.

6. Technical Experience and Good Service: With 10 years of technical experience, BPM has established a reputation for providing high-quality geosynthetic products. The customer in Thailand has had several months of exchanges with BPM, during which the company demonstrated its expertise and commitment to good service, earning the customer’s trust.

By choosing BPM’s 1.0mm HDPE containment liner, the customer can benefit from its durability, high-strength properties, and chemical resistance, ensuring effective containment of wastewater during the treatment process. BPM’s provision of a GAI-LAP test report and case studies further solidify the customer’s confidence in the product’s performance. With BPM’s technical expertise and dedication to good service, the customer can expect reliable support throughout the project.

In summary, selecting HDPE containment liner for wastewater treatment in Thailand through BPM offers a reliable and durable solution, backed by industry experience, technical knowledge, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

3 Specifications of HDPE Containment Liner for Wastewater Treatment in Thailand

  • Total Quantity – 70000 square meters
  • HDPE Geomembrane Liner Thickness – 1.0 mm
  • Each roll size is 7m*150m

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