PVC pond liner is a kind of geomembrane pond liner specially designed and manufactured for water retention and containment applications in the reservoir, farm pond, and lake applications. The formulation and production process makes it durable and extra sturdy.

1 What is PVC Pond Liner?

A PVC pond liner is a synthetic liner commonly used in the construction of ponds and water features. PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic material known for its versatility and durability. Compared with HDPE Geomembrane liner, PVC pond liners are a popular choice due to their flexibility, strength, and resistance to UV rays and various environmental conditions.

BPM offers high-quality PVC pond liners made from high-density polyethylene raw material. These liners are manufactured by incorporating color master batch, antioxidant, anti-aging agents, UV resistance components, stabilizers, and other accessories. The formulation and production process of BPM’s PVC pond liners ensure durability and sturdiness. The smooth surface of the liner is particularly beneficial for fish or shrimp ponds.

BPM’s PVC pond liners possess several desirable qualities. They are tear-resistant, stress crack resistant, puncture-resistant, and lightweight. The liners have a very low permeability coefficient, which means they effectively prevent water from seeping into the soil. This property not only conserves water but also reduces related water conservation costs. The liners contribute to system stability, reducing maintenance and earth-moving expenses.

All fish and shrimp pond liners from BPM comply with the GRI GM13 standard. This standard, established by the Geosynthetic Institute (GRI), ensures that the liners meet specific performance criteria and quality standards.

PVC pond liner is a synthetic liner used in pond and water feature construction. BPM PVC pond liners are made from high-density polyethylene and offer durability, tear resistance, stress crack resistance, and puncture resistance. They have a smooth surface, making them suitable for fish or shrimp ponds. These liners are designed to prevent water seepage, conserve water, ensure system stability, and reduce maintenance and earth-moving costs. BPM’s PVC pond liners meet the rigorous standards set by the GRI GM13, assuring their quality and performance.

PVC Pond Liner for Fish Farm Pond Project in Indonesia
PVC Pond Liner for Fish Pond Project in Indonesia
HDPE Pond Liner for Fish Farm Pond Project in Indonesia

2 Why Chose PVC Pond Liner for Fish Farm Pond Project in Indonesia

BPM’s PVC Pond Liner is the ideal choice for fish farm pond projects in Indonesia, as demonstrated by a recent customer experience. A BPM Indonesia customer referred a new client who had a large fish shrimp pond and needed the pond liner installed before the end of 2020. The client specifically requested PVC pond liners with thickness options of 0.3mm and 0.5mm. To assure the client of our product’s quality, we provided them with a sample for evaluation.

In addition to the sample, we shared BPM’s GAI-LAP testing report and even provided a test video to further showcase the reliability and performance of our PVC pond liner. To support the client’s business, they also purchased five sets of welding machines and five sets of hot air guns from us to sell to their own customers.

The client expressed great satisfaction with the quality of our PVC pond liner and indicated their intention for future collaborations. This positive feedback and their commitment to potential future partnerships highlight the trust and confidence they have in our product.

By choosing BPM’s PVC Pond Liner for their fish farm pond project, the client benefited from our high-quality and reliable product. The availability of PVC liners with varying thicknesses allowed them to select the most suitable option for their specific needs. Furthermore, our commitment to providing comprehensive support, including testing reports and equipment, further solidified our customer’s satisfaction and laid the foundation for a potential long-term business relationship.

3 Specifications of PVC Pond Liner for Fish Farm Pond Project in Indonesia

  • Total pond liner quantity – 215,600 square meters
  • Pond Liner thickness – 0.3 mm and 0.5mm
  • Each roll size 0.3mm – 7m*350m; 0.5mm – 7m*420m

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