HDPE geomembrane manufacturers are those who has their own geomembrane factory. HDPE geomembrane is a continuous flexible membrane like material made of one or more polymer synthetic materials, mainly playing a role in anti-seepage and isolation. The most common type is high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane. HDPE geomembrane has the properties of impermeability, durability, chemical corrosion resistance, as well as excellent welding construction performance, and high cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it has been widely used in various anti-seepage, isolation and other engineering projects.

To deepen our understanding of international geosynthetic material production enterprises in the Indonesian market, expand our horizons and ideas, and promote communication and cooperation, we have conducted research on the International Geosynthetic Society (IGS), The Geosynthetic Institute (GSI), and online geosynthetics magazines based on relevant information from institutions and referring to the official websites of relevant companies, a summary of the main manufacturers of geomembranes in the Indonesian market has been extracted.

1 Who Are HDPE Geomembrane Manufacturers Indonesia?

There are many HDPE geomembrane manufacturers in the Indonesian market who wholesae or supply high quality HDPE geomembrane for Indonesian customers. The followed are some of them.
  • (1)SOLMAX
  • (2)BPM Geosynthetics – The Best Project Material Co., Ltd
  • (3)GEOSINCERE – (Shandong GEOSINO New Material Co.,Ltd)
  • (4)KTG
  • (5) NAUE (Novi)
  • (6)ATARFIL

2 Top 6 HDPE Geomembrane Manufacturers Indonesia


Solmax Group was established in Quebec, Canada in 1981 and established a factory in Malaysia in 2009 to produce HDPE/LLDPE geomembranes. In 2017, a company was established in Houston, USA to enter the waste management business in the oil and gas extraction field. At the end of 2017, Soma Group acquired the geosynthetic material brand GSE. In 2018, Solmax became Solmax GSE, and in 2019, the group announced that it would be known as Solmax in all the territories in which it operates. In 2021, Somma Group once again teamed up with the globally renowned geosynthetic material manufacturer, the Royal Dutch Ten Cate Group (Fiber Science), to further strengthen its market position in the geosynthetic materials field.

SOLMAX, a Canadian conglomerate, has factories in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Suzhou, China) with an annual production capacity of 250000 tons. A global production supply chain system can provide customers with higher quality, faster, and more effective after-sales service guarantees.

The series of geomembranes produced by Soma include standard HDPE geomembrane series (meeting or exceeding the GRI-GM13 standard), standard LLDPE geomembrane series (meeting or exceeding the GRI-GM17 standard), and colored geomembrane series (black, white, green, brown, etc.). High performance geosynthetic film series, conductive geosynthetic film series, high-temperature resistant geosynthetic film series, concrete nail embedded film series, flexible vertical anti-seepage system, concrete connection lock, and extruded welding rod series that far exceed the GRI-GM13 and GRI-GM17 standards.

SolMax HDPE Geomembrane Manufacturers Indonesia
BPM Geomembrane Manufcturer

2.2 BPM Geosynthetics – The Best Project Material Co., Ltd

BPM Geosynthetics was founded in 2009 and is a comprehensive geosynthetic material manufacturer. It is a member of the China Geosynthetic Association and IGS.

The production technology of BPM geomembrane is advanced, and the testing equipment is complete. It has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and the company has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise. The company’s products have been widely used in infrastructure construction such as highways, railways, water conservancy, municipal engineering, landscape construction, soil and water conservation, greening and other environmental protection fields, and have been exported to domestic and foreign markets. BPM entered the Indonesian market in 2010 and received unanimous praise from the local engineering community and users. BPM has established close cooperative relationships with dozens of research and design units and higher education institutions, and is a member of the China Quality Inspection Association and the China Road Engineering Society.

The company mainly produces and operates geosynthetic materials and waterproofing materials such as geomembranes, aquaculture membranes, anti-seepage membranes, composite geomembranes, HDPE geomembranes and rough geomembranes, as well as unidirectional and bidirectional plastic tensile geogrids, glass fiber geogrids, etc.

2.3 GEOSINCERE – Shandong GEOSINO New Material Co.,Ltd

GEOSINCERE Geosyntheics is a renowned manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in HDPE geomembrane and geotextiles manufacturer and supplier. With a firm commitment to research, development, manufacturing, and installation services, we offer a comprehensive range of geotextiles and geomembranes for civil, mining, environmental, and aquaculture engineering applications. Our continuous investment in technological innovation, manufacturing facilities, and turnkey engineering capabilities sets us apart.

GEOSINCERE has passed ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and has four blown film production lines, producing HDPE/LLDPE smooth and rough geomembranes. High quality geomembranes, geochambers, and concrete protective pads can be manufactured for major geotechnical engineering applications such as landfills, wastewater treatment, tunnels, waterproofing, mining engineering, and slope protection. Among them, HUITEX reinforced HDPE geomembranes are specially developed for harsh application environments, aiming to separate polluted wastewater such as coalbed methane wastewater from surrounding rural areas and bottom aquifers.

They take pride in our geosynthetics products, known for their superior quality, high performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. GEOSINCERE brand geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids, geocells, geosynthetic clay liners, drainage boards, and more are designed to meet your specific requirements. Our solid technologies, innovative engineering solutions, and excellent customer service ensure customer satisfaction.

They have a global presence, serving customers in over 100 countries, including the United States, Australia, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, and many others. Our extensive customer base is a testament to the trust and satisfaction our products and services have garnered worldwide.

At GEOSINCERE, they not only offer high-quality geosynthetic products but also provide professional design and installation services. We are equipped to handle OEM, ODM, custom development, and fabrication to meet your specific project needs. We strive to be your reliable partner in geotextiles and geosynthetics, delivering exceptional solutions for your engineering projects.

HUITEX’s geotextile products have been sold to more than 50 countries, and with its distance advantage from Indonesia, it entered the Indonesian market early on. Its sales in the local market are second only to Solmax and BPM brands

2.4 KTG

KTG is a local Indonesian manufacturer of HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes. KTG was established in 2016 and has its own internal laboratory to ensure the continuity of material and product quality. KTG strictly adheres to and has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

The KTG series products include HDPE and LLDPE smooth and rough geomembranes, as well as colored geomembranes, high-temperature resistant geomembranes, HDPE welding rods, etc. KTG geomembrane is suitable for large-scale applications that require UV and ozone resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, or high-quality installation. The numerous islands and narrow coastline in Indonesia provide unique conditions for shrimp farming, and the shrimp farming industry in Indonesia has also driven the development of KTG geomembranes. KTG geomembrane occupies an important position in the shrimp farming industry.

GeoSincere HDPE Geomembrane Manufacturers Indonesia
HDPE Geomembrane Manufacturers

2.5 NAUE (Novi)

Germany’s NAUE Fiber Technology Company was established in 1984. In 1993, NAUE Anti Seepage Engineering Company entered the field of landfill construction. In 1996, it acquired the geomembrane business from a tunnel engineering company under the brand Carbofol ®。 In 2000, NAUE used a flat extrusion process to produce the widest geotextile film in the world at that time, with a width of 9.40 meters. In 2017, NAUE started production at a new factory in Fester, producing Carbofol ® Geomembrane.

Carbofol ® Made of high-quality polyethylene resin with a width of 7.50m. For the rough facial mask used for slope seepage prevention, Carbofol ®  The use of embossing technology in production can significantly improve the interaction effect.

Carbofol ®  There are white edge markings on both sides of the geomembrane, which are recommended overlapping areas and serve as visual aids during installation. In addition, two edges are covered with thin protective sheets (150mm wide), which are immediately peeled off before welding to keep the welding area absolutely clean. Carbofol ®  The melt index (MFR) of HDPE geomembrane tested at 190 ° C/5kg ranges from 1 to 3g/10 minutes, with a wide welding construction window.


ATARFIL was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Granada, Spain. ATARFIL adopts advanced flat extrusion and rolling technology independently developed to produce various high-performance geomembranes. The product series includes high-density polyethylene HDPE, linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE, ultra-low density polyethylene VLDPE, and polypropylene PP, which are specialized in various anti-seepage systems.

ATARFIL has manufacturing plants in Europe (Granada, Spain), the Middle East (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) and the Americas (Virginia, USA), and sales offices and business operation centers in Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Mexico, Türkiye, India, South Africa and Australia. The event covers five continents and has customers in over 50 countries. In recent years, the use of Atafi geomembrane in various anti-seepage projects in Indonesia has shown a significant upward trend.

ATARFIL has multiple advanced flat extrusion production lines in its factories on three continents worldwide, all equipped with online thickness control systems, with thickness tolerances controlled within ± 3%. ATARFIL geomembrane has an environmental stress cracking resistance time of over 3000 hours, especially suitable for applications such as tailings and hazardous waste landfills with harsh environments and high requirements for chemical corrosion resistance. To ensure quality traceability and facilitate construction, ATARFIL continuously prints brand specifications, roll numbers, and length scales along the edges of each roll of geotextile produced. This can confirm the length of the roll, and even after packaging damage, the product source can still be traced according to the roll number.

3 Conclusion

In this article, we recommended the top 6 HDPE geomembrane manufacturers Indonesia. The Indonesian geomembrane market also holds a significant share, and the Indonesian government has implemented strict regulations on waste management in the municipal and industrial sectors. The construction of the new capital will further promote the recovery of the Indonesian market, and the increase in the penetration rate of geosynthetic products in the region is expected to drive market development. The booming development of Indonesia’s aquaculture industry has also driven the development of the regional market.

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