Textured HDPE liner, also know as textured geomembrane, is produced by the spray texture technology which is designed with one or two side textured surface, except for the excellent properties of smooth geomembrane of high quality polyethylene virgin raw material for carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV resistance component, it also has better interface coefficient of friction, this increased the slope stability and skid resistance which fit for steep slope or vertical geotechnical projects such as river embankment, landfills, mining and oil gas. The HDPE textured geomembrane liner achieved friction coefficient and slope vertical geotechnical advantages. The usage for HDPE textured geomembrane liners in the process of bridge canal grows annually.

The largest segment of the geomembrane market today is comprised of polyethylene geomembranes. Among polyethylene geomembrane resins, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) are the two types most broadly available. HDPE is more widely used between these two due to its enhanced UV resistance, chemical resistance, durability and cost effectiveness.

When polyethylene geomembranes were first introduced more than 30 years ago, only smooth surfaced geomembranes were available. However, as the requirement for increased slope stability was realized, the production of textured HDPE liner was introduced to fill that need. The textured surface allows for increased interface strength against soils, textiles, geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) and other critical interfaces.

Textured HDPE Liner Solutions for Bridge over the Panama Canal
Textured HDPE Liner for Bridge over the Panama Canal

Currently, there are three primary types of textured geomembranes that are widely available. The two most commonly used methods in North America are co-extrusion (blown film) and structuring (calendared extrusion).  Impingement is another method that was used in the U.S. in the 1990s, but is currently used primarily in Europe. These processes of manufacturing textured geomembrane have been in use for many years and have demonstrated largely acceptable performance in a variety of applications and slope conditions. All of these methods are available with texturing on one side or both sides and in HDPE or LLDPE versions.

Our panama partners is serving as the owners to the republic of Panama Ministry of Public for the new 4th Bridge over the Panama Canal . The HDPE geomembrane liner is providing specialized technical assistance during the RFP. Design, construction and commissioning phases, ensuring the implementation of the objectives of the Mop. Featuring two dramatic towers with multiple cable planes, the signature crossing will consist of 1,010 meters of cable-stayed main bridge, a 510-meter-long by 51-meter-wide main span across the canal, and 1,500 meters of approaches. The center span will provide a 75-meter free vertical and 350-meter-wide clearance over the navigational channel to accommodate vessels for the future Fourth Set of Locks of the Panama Canal. Due to the project location in a high seismic region, the specified bridge design criteria account for seismic effects and near-fault effects. BPM textured HDPE liner slope stability and skid resistance requirements also exceed requirements, including more stringent interface friction coefficient and UV resistance for wind, sun and vessel impact designs.

The 4th Bridge over the Panama Canal will be constructed on the north side of the existing Bridge of the Americas. The structure will connect west Panama with Panama City and benefit the more than 500,000 residents living on the west side of the canal.

The bridge will have a 100-year design life and incorporate the latest in bridge design and construction technologies.

The multimodal crossing will carry six lanes of vehicular traffic (three lanes in each direction), two-way rail lanes to be linked with Panama’s future Metro Line 3, and a bicycle/pedestrian path.

The West Tower will feature a high-end restaurant below the superstructure and an observation deck at the top of the tower.

The project marks TYLI’s third major bridge project involving crossings over the Panama Canal.

Specfications of Textured HDPE Liner Solutions for 4th Bridge over Panama Canal in Panama

  • Total HDPE Textured Geomembrane Quantity :53,200 square meters
  • Geomembrane thickness : 1.5 mm
  • Each roll size : 7m×150m
    Three 40 HQ containers

At the beginning, our partners visited BPM geomembrane company. BPM 16000 square meters factory and advanced production line of geomembrane and geotextile gave them professional impression. Before we signed agreement they needed we offer product brochure, ISO Certificate, SIRIM Certificate, Test Certificate, Project References and material safety date sheet, all they requirement BPM can offer to them. After we signed the order and accepted the deposit, Considering project time schedule, BPM sped up the time supply of 40hq*3  container within 14days to catch up for required deadline .

Textured HDPE Liner Solutions for 4th Bridge over Panama Canal
Textured HDPE Liner for Bridge over Panama Canal

BPM textured HDPE Liner is designed and fabricated with either single-sided or double-sided textured surface. Textured geomembrane has a rough surface which can highly improve the friction coefficient which fits more suitable for steep slope and vertical engineering design work which maximize the effective volume of geomembrane, they are also processed with smooth edges to allow for high quality thermal fusion welding between adjacent sheets. BPM Brand high-density polyethylene textured geomembrane exhibits superior shear strength and the highest multi-axial performance which features superior high shear strength, big friction angles, outstanding elongation and highest interface surface friction coefficient.All textured geomembranes are made of imported raw material with advanced manufacturing equipment and professional production technology, they are packed in double woven geotextile and strength belt. BPM textured HDPE geomembranes are widely applied for such projects which need increased friction between two layers and high steeper slopes as landfills, mining, retaining backfills and waste containment.

HDPE Textured Geomembrane Liner Features

  • Can be textured on one or both sides for your demands.
  • Increased frictional coefficient for steep slopes.
  • Outstanding ultraviolet and chemical resistance.
  • Outstanding UV Environmental stress crack resistance.
  • High tensile strength and low elongation.
  • Excellent friction coefficient and tensile strength with Geotextile reinforcement performance.
  • Excellent water impermeability, corrosion and aging resistance.
  • Advanced stabilization.
  • Impermeable, antifouling, antiskid function.
  • Light weight, easy construction and good overall continuity.

Textured HDPE geomembrane is specially designed and fabricated for landfills and mining applications due to its advanced stabilization, excellent interface friction coefficient and inherent flexibility. As flexibility as our other BPM geomembrane , textured HDPE geomembrane have been widely in backfilled liner, retaining backfill on steep side, heap leach pads, landfill and pad base liner, water conservancy applications such as dam, reservoirs, sewage pools, swimming pools, buildings, underground buildings, garbage dumps and mining projects.

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