Heavy duty plastic pond liner, also known as HDPE geomembrane pond liner, is an impermeable geomembrane liner suitable for farm ponds, fish ponds, wastewater lagoons, landfills, secondary containment, and other specialized containment ponds. BPM HDPE geomembrane pond liner is fabricated by the state-of-the-art automatic geomembrane production lines and advanced three layered pressing technology in accordance with GRI GM13 standard. It is widely used across a variety of industries including waste containment, water containment, aquaculture, industrial project, energy project and mining project, etc.

Smooth geomembrane liner is available in different colors such as black, blue and white for your demand. Compared with traditional concrete, asphalt and compacted clay, HDPE geomembrane liner has proven to be far more cost effective, environmentally safe, excellent durable, chemically resistant, fast deployment and easy transportation.


  • Location – US
  • Product(s) -Polyethylene Pond Liner
  • Application – Salt Pond


Fresh water supply is a global issue in many areas related to access and availability. Geosynthetics has been an important factor in environmental waterproofing solutions for a long time. Solar and pool systems are designed to address the need for fresh water shortages, agricultural drainage cleanup, and low-cost renewable energy. American customer wanted to build a salt pond, the heavy duty plastic pond liner is the ideal and cost effective geosynthetic material as the anti seepage lining system.

Heavy Duty Plastic Pond Liner for Salt Ponds in US
Heavy Duty Plastic Pond Liner for Salt Pond Projects in US


The scope of the project includes a salt gradient solar pond, which contains a flexible heavy duty plastic pond liner system, and with the help of a main thruster (engine) designed to extract power directly from the hot salt water of the pond. The goal of pond performance is to distill salt water into fresh drinking water and energy. BPM’s innovative system provides a renewable water source for water derived from agricultural wastewater, brackish water/salt water (or sea water) and sunlight. The project and its design are still of great significance as a portable technology that can provide a catalyst for the systematic conversion of large amounts of usable brine into renewable energy and fresh drinking water.

The project faces many challenges. One is the sandy soil roadbed, which is a dry and dusty site. The area needs to be kept moist and rolled daily to maintain compaction and stability. The other is the high temperature in this desert location, which reached 115°F (46°C) in June. The staff work as planned from 10 pm to 8 am to avoid the on-site personnel from being heated and to keep the welding temperature under control. The high winds meant that the team had to secure each polyethylene liner with sandbags immediately after deployment and installation. Finally, the containment of the hot brine in the distillation tank is another factor in the design discussion to find a suitable flexible lining for the containment.

The heavy duty plastic pond liner selected for this project was based on the following factors: high temperature resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and easy handling and sealing at the factory and on-site, allowing the effective use of large-scale factory-made panels to increase productivity. A total of 130 polyethylene liners measuring 220 x 96 feet (67 x 29 meters) and 540 ballast tubes were designed and manufactured at the manufacturer’s quality control location and delivered to the project site in the United States. The construction and installation staff completed the project in an impressive 28 days, far exceeding the initial estimate and budget of 35 days. This saves customers a lot of on-site time, labor and costs, while minimizing unnecessary weather risks. Effective communication and planning between BPM and customers are also attributed to the timely completion of the project. The installation of the project is completed, the lake is filled with water, and the infrastructure construction of the project is completed. During the project analysis, we saw significant benefits brought by the engineering use of modular structure prefabricated factory panels. Compared with competitive on-site installation films, the company has reduced on-site joints by more than 50%. Finally, the design, manufacture, installation and completion of the project have high-quality performance and the best success rate of solar and water.


Heavy duty plastic pond liner meets the requirements of today’s environmental engineering field. The main motivation of the BPM HDPE geomembrane pond liner is to keep it natural and clean. Choosing suitable anti-seepage materials in the project to improve the compactness of the dam. As a new type of impermeable geosynthetic material, polyethylene liner has been widely used in the reservoir area due to its high tensile strength, good impermeability, strong deformability, light weight, convenient construction, and low cost.


1. Base surface requirements for HDPE pond liner construction.

The surface of the installation base should be tamped and leveled, and sharp objects such as tree roots and stones should be removed; the internal and external corners of the base should be trimmed and rounded, and the radius of the corner should be ≥50cm; the surface of the welding seam must be cleaned up; the civil engineering, supervision, owner, and construction party must accept and sign Polyethylene liner construction can be carried out after approval.

2. Climatic requirements for geomembrane pond liner construction.

The temperature should generally be above 5℃, the HDPE pond liner should be tense at low temperature, and the Heavy Duty Plastic Pond liner should be relaxed at high temperature.

Heavy Duty Plastic Pond Liner for Salt Pond Project in US
Heavy Duty Plastic Pond Liner for Salt Pond Project in America

3. Laying of HDPE pond  liner

Laying Heavy Duty Plastic Pond liner is a key process in the entire anti-seepage system. Before cutting the geomembrane pond liner, measure its relevant dimensions, and then cut it according to the actual cutting. The overlap width of the seam between the membrane and the membrane during the membrane laying is 10cm~15cm, so that the direction of the seam arrangement is parallel to the slope foot line , That is, arranged along the slope direction.

4. Welding of HDPE pond liner

Heavy Duty Plastic Pond liner is welded using a dual-drive self-propelled Polyethylene liner welding machine, and dual-track hot-melt welding is used. For parts that cannot be welded by the welder, an extrusion hot-melt welder should be used with welding rods of the same quality as the raw materials to form a single weld seam for surfacing.

5. Anchoring of HDPE Pond liner

There are many anchoring methods: groove anchoring, nail anchoring, expansion bolt anchoring, embedded parts fixing and so on. The tailings pond is usually anchored and fixed by grooves.

Choosing suitable anti-seepage materials in the project to improve the density of the dam body can effectively prevent the disasters of the tailings pond. As a new type of anti-seepage geosynthetic material, Laying Heavy Duty Plastic Pond liner has high tensile strength , Good anti-seepage performance, strong deformability, light weight, convenient construction, low cost, etc., have been widely used in the whole and part of the dam building (structure) in the reservoir area.

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