PVC Geomembrane has gradually replaced the traditional concrete, plastic and metal containers in the field of environmental protection and anti-seepage in petrochemical industry and mining industry. Traditional concrete, plastic and metal containers have high cost, short service life and poor anti-seepage effect. BPM high quality PVC geomembrane is a high-performance water and anti-leakage product, especially its chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt resistance, heavy oil and good molecular stability. Our PVC geomembrane liner is the best  impermeable and anti-leakage product in chemical industry and mineral industry, especially in harmful, toxic substances stacking and storage sites. 

PVC Geomembrane for oil Storage Project in Indonesia
PVC Geomembrane Liner for oil Storage Project in Indonesia
PVC Geomembrane for oil Storage in Indonesia

Our Indonesia customer got an oil storage tank foundation lining contract. He found us and sent an inquiry about 30,000 square meters HDPE geomembrane liner. We recommended him our high quality 1.0mm geomembrane liner.  He placed the order and paid the deposit.

Specifications of PVC Geomembrane Liner for Oil Storage Project in Indonesia

  • Total PVC geomembrane liner quantity – 30,000 square meters
  • Each roll size – 7m×100m
  • Geomembrane liner Thickness –1.0mm

The Laying  process of  impermeable membrane on oil storage tank foundation is as followed.

(1) The laying of impermeable geomembrane liner on tank foundation is a key process in the whole anti-seepage system. The appearance quality of HDPE impermeable geomembrane should be checked before film laying. The mechanical damage and defects such as production trauma, hole and breakage should be recorded and repaired.

(2) Before cutting the HDPE geomembrane liner of oil tank foundation, the relevant dimensions are measured, and then the overlap width between the film and the film is not less than 100 mm according to the actual cutting, so that the joint arrangement direction is parallel to the footline of the big slope, that is, along the slope direction.

(3) When laying the impermeable liner of the base oil tank, less welds should be sought, and raw materials should be saved as much as possible on the premise of guaranteeing the quality. At the same time, it is easy to guarantee the quality. Usually in corners and abnormal areas, the length of the joint should be as short as possible. Except for special requirements, no welds shall be installed as far as possible in the range of 1.5 meters from the top slope or stress concentration area on slopes with slope gradient greater than 1:6.

(4) Artificial folds should be avoided in the laying of PV geomembrane on tank foundation. When the temperature is low, it should be stretched and paved as far as possible.

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