Pond lining sheets are the geomembrane liners ideally designed to be installed without stress and are simply intended to act as a barrier. Pond lining sheets are the low permeable geosynthetic membrane liners and geotechnical engineering materials which are widely used for aquaculture pond, solid waste containment, mining and water containment applications.

1 What Is Pond Lining Sheets ?

Pond lining sheets, such as those provided by BPM, are impermeable membranes or barriers used to contain water within a pond. They are made from high-quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a formulation that includes virgin polyethylene resin, carbon black, antioxidants, anti-aging agents, and UV resistance components.

The HDPE liner used in BPM pond lining sheets offers several important characteristics. It exhibits low permeability, ensuring minimal water seepage and leakage. Its high tensile strength and excellent chemical resistance make it a reliable choice for various water containment applications, including shrimp ponds. The liner’s outstanding stress crack capacity further enhances its durability and longevity.

BPM pond lining sheets are specifically designed to meet the requirements of shrimp pond water containment. They provide a stable and secure barrier that prevents water loss and maintains the desired water level. The HDPE liner’s low permeability reduces the risk of contamination and helps create a suitable environment for shrimp cultivation.

In addition to their technical qualities, BPM pond lining sheets are also known for their compatibility with shrimp farming practices. They offer a friendly surface for shrimp and contribute to a healthy and productive aquaculture environment.

With their combination of low permeability, high tensile strength, chemical resistance, stress crack capacity, and shrimp-friendly characteristics, BPM pond lining sheets are an excellent choice for shrimp pond water containment and contribute to the success of shrimp farming operations.

Pond Lining Sheets for Shrimp Ponds in Ecuador
Pond Lining Sheets for Shrimp Ponds

Why Chose Pond Lining Sheets Ecuador for Shrimp Ponds in?

The choice of pond lining sheets for shrimp ponds in Ecuador is influenced by several factors. Ecuador has been actively involved in shrimp farming for over 40 years and has seen significant growth in the industry. The country’s export of white shrimp reached approximately 300,000 tons in 2014, indicating the importance and potential of the shrimp farming sector. With the government’s support and increasing market demand, the number of shrimp farming projects in Ecuador has been rapidly expanding.

One of our Ecuadorian customers came across our company during the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics in Korea. We provided them with samples of our pond lining sheets specifically designed for shrimp farming applications. After verifying the quality of our products, the customer expressed satisfaction and proceeded to sign an order contract with us. We ensured timely delivery of all the pond lining sheets required for their shrimp farm project.

At BPM, our construction team comprises professional engineers with extensive hands-on experience in pond lining projects. They approach their work with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the project is executed flawlessly. This dedication and expertise guarantee the successful implementation of shrimp pond projects in Ecuador.

By choosing our pond lining sheets for shrimp ponds in Ecuador, our customers benefit from our high-quality products, reliable delivery, and professional project management. We are committed to supporting the growth and success of the shrimp farming industry in Ecuador through our superior pond lining solutions and exceptional service.

Specifications of Pond Lining Sheets for Shrimp Ponds in Ecuador

For the shrimp pond project in Ecuador, the specifications of the pond lining sheets are as follows:

  • Total quantity – 110,000m2
  • Each roll size – 7m×150m
  • Thickness –0.5mm
  • Delivery period–20 days

These specifications ensure that the pond lining sheets meet the specific requirements of the shrimp pond project in terms of surface area coverage, roll size, and thickness. The 0.5mm thickness provides an adequate barrier to prevent water seepage and maintain the desired water level in the ponds.

Our team at BPM is dedicated to fulfilling these specifications and ensuring timely delivery of the pond lining sheets to support the successful implementation of the shrimp pond project in Ecuador.

Pond Lining Sheets

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