Landfill liner is often the most widely used HDPE geomembrane for landfill applications. HDPE landfill liner is made of high grade polyethylene raw material by three layered pressing technology has strong durability of impervious product. BPM brand HDPE landfill liner main features are stable chemical properties that the waste permeate won’t cause damage, and Low permeability ensures that groundwater and rainwater permeate will not seep through the liner and methane will not overflow the exhaust system, and Anti-UV performance is stable because the carbon black in HDPE enhances the UV resistance and solves the problem of being easily decomposed when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Our India client found us by google. He wanted to purchase our HDPE landfill liner products used in landfill projects. According to our years of experience in landfill project, we offered him a feasible construction plan. In addition, we also suggested that geotextiles, GCL and other geosynthetics product which are needed for a complete seepage control system. After negotiation, we got the order with competitive prices and high quality landfill liner products. 

HDPE Landfill Liner Project in India
Landfill Liner Project in India

HDPE landfill liner is often used in landfill projects to make the bottom completely separate from the soil which can provide maximum and reliable leakage protection for environment. HDPE landfill liner has remarkable effect of excellent impermeability, elongation, conformity, and weld abilities which can offer stable steep slope lining and strong protection to avoid leakage, stress cracking for waste contamination.

Specifications of HDPE landfill Liner Projects in India

• Total quantity –30,000m2
• Each roll size – 7m×50m
• Landfill liner thickness – 1.5mm

HDPE Landfill Liner in India

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