HDPE pond liners are anti seepage, strong, flexible and high chemical resistance, etc. HDPE pond liner is the most durable and long-lasting polyethylene lining material on the market. HDPE pond liners can be welded together to form a permanent seal in the field. Welding installation requires experienced welders and related equipment to ensure high-quality installations. HDPE pond liners are safe for fish and plants. Overall, HDPE pond liner are highly cost-effective and have the highest service life of any polyethylene liner. HDPE liners are lightweight, but double thick as other LDPPE liners, making them easy to transport and install. Although they are not as flexible as LDPE or other liners, they still fold well and do not require cushions.

Performed Pond Liners for Garden Projects in USA
Performed Pond Liners for Garden Project in USA
HDPE Performed Pond Liners for Garden Project in USA

BPM team received an inquiry from the United States about the performed pond liners products. The customer is selling the pond liner on the e-commerce multiple platforms. The demand for performed pond liners, PVC Pond Liner, LDPE pond Liner is great, and the requirements for product quality, packaging and delivery time are high and strict. After a long period of communication with the customer, the BPM team found that we can provide each other with what we need most. The two sides deepened their trust. After the customer recognized the BPM product and the service capabilities of the BPM team, Customer requests for multiple samples. customers have high requirements for samples, and there are many types of samples. The BPM team does its best to meet customer needs. The BPM team provides customers with HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC materials pond liner sample, and sample sizes including 2m * 2m, 4m * 6m, 12m * 12m. After receiving the samples, the customer is very satisfied with the pond liner quality and packaging. BPM customer hope to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with the BPM team and start the order.

 Specifications of Performed Pond Liners for Garden Project in USA

  • Total quantity – 1000 pieces
  • Each piece size –  4m*6m
  • Pond liner Thickness – 0.3mm

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