Pond liner installation is the important process to install the HDPE geomembrane pond liner. The HDPE pond liner is made of 97% high density polyethylene as raw material with adequate 2-3% carbon black, added antioxidant, anti-aging and UV resistance component. HDPE pond liner is non-toxic environmental protection materials without any harmful substances. It is the choice of environmental protection, breeding , drinking water ponds and biogas digester. HDPE pond liner installation has the following advantages.

1. Simple construction. As long as the pond is dug and treated accordingly, no concrete cushion is required;
2. Fast construction. There is no solidification period required for structural concrete;

3. Resistance to root deformation. Because HDPE film has outstanding crack elongation, it can resist root settlement or root deformation;
4. Good function. This is the characteristic of HDPE geomembrane pond liner;
5. Outstanding stress crack capacity;
6. Recoverable after use. As long as it is stowed, the pool body can be restored by back filling.

Pond Liner Installation for Biogas Digester in Ecuador
Pond Liner Installation for Biogas Digester Project in Ecuador
HDPE Pond Liner Installation for Biogas Digester Project in Ecuador

BPM Ecuador customer called us for HDPE geomembrane liner and pond liner installation for biogas digester projects. He would like to know more detail about the construction of biogas digester project, especially HDPE pond liner installation. Biogas digester is divided into two layers, bottom layer and cover layer. The design of the two layers is different. First of all, the anti-seepage membrane used in the biogas digester is HDPE geomembrane pond liner. After years of experiments, it has been proved that HDPE geomembrane is more durable than EVA membrane and PVC anti-seepage membrane, with long service time and less damage. Secondly, the geomembrane pond liner installation of biogas digester adopts smooth impermeable geomembrane. Textured geomembrane has no advantage in biogas digester. Generally, the textured geomembrane is used on the slope of the project. Finally, when selecting the thickness of geomembrane for the biogas digester , the bottom hdpe geomembrane is generally 1.0mm-1.5mm, and the covered hdpe impermeable membrane thickness is 1.5-2.0mm.

BPM Ecuador customer bought 1.2mm HDPE pond liner installation for bottom and 1.5mm geomembrane for cover through our communication and real case studies. Finally, he placed the order about one 40HQ container of HDPE geomembrane and one set welding machine upon accepted our price.

Specifications of Pond Liner Installation for Biogas Digester Project in Ecuador

  • Total geomembrane pond liner quantity – 20,000 square meters
  • HDPE Pond Liner Thickness –1.2 mm and 1.5mm
  • Each roll size 7m*100m

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