Landfill liner systems, also known as HDPE landfill liner, is the kind of low permeable geosynthetic membrane liner and geotechnical engineering material which is widely used for heap immersion tanks, tailings dams and entire anti-seepage systems, mining companies can be in many harsh climates (eg cold in Siberia, hot in South America) or complex and unstable soils to get better economic benefits and meet the requirements of ecological protection.

In the mining industry, a large number of highly chemically corrosive industrial liquids are generated, and BPM high quality HDPE landfill liner itself is structurally stable and has very good chemical resistance. This characteristic of BPM HDPE geomembrane liner makes it a good Impervious material. The good BPM HDPE landfill liner systems are made of high quality raw polyethylene new material. BPM HDPE landfill liner systems have excellent chemical resistance and can resist most chemical compounds, thus ensuring high quality mine anti-seepage engineering.

In the mineral industry, highly chemically corrosive tailings and waste water will also be produced. If an effective anti-seepage landfill liner systems is are not used in the heap leaching tank, it will have a huge impact on the surrounding ecological environment. The high quality BPM HDPE landfill geomembrane liner has excellent chemical resistance and durability. At the same time, due to its excellent puncture resistance, HDPE landfill liner systems can resist the damage of fine ore in the heap leaching tank.

HDPE Landfill Liner Systems for Pulverized Coal Anti-seepage Project in Columbia
Landfill Liner Systems for Pulverized Coal Anti-seepage Project in Columbia
Landfill Liner Systems for Pulverized Coal Anti-seepage Projects in Columbia

Our Columbia customer got a coal mining project and needed an environmentally friendly solution to accommodate the large amount of coal extracted from the mining site. The main site is approximately 454,500 square feet (42,224 square meters) designed to prevent toxic chemicals from coal and by-products from penetrating into the soil.

The project’s estimated service life is ten years, and the unique location of the mine means that the installation site will be exposed to complex environmental conditions. In northern Columbia, the region’s summer months are as high as 95°F (35°C) and winter months are below -60°F (-51°C). In addition, during heavy snow, the site may experience snow loads of up to 120 inches (300 cm). These are all difficult for construction.

The BPM team designed a detailed construction plan. First, the roadbed was smooth, and a 450 gsm non-woven geotextile was placed on it, then with landfill liner systems for second layer, and finally 18 inches (46 cm) of soil was covered. The landfill liner systems is composed of 1mm HDPE geomembrane  liner by professional welding and installation because of its superior physical properties, low number of cold cracks and accelerated installation.

 BPM’s experienced construction team shortened the construction cycle and saved customers a lot of money. North Columbia will be snowfall in September, so expedited installation reduced the risk of prolonged weather delays, customers are satisfied, and hope to maintain a long-term relationship with BPM.

Specifications of Landfill Liner Systems for Pulverized Coal Anti-seepage Project in Columbia

• Total landfill geomembrane quantity – 454,500m2
• Each roll size – 7m×50m
• Thickness –1mm

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