High density polypropylene tank liner is a ideal anti-seepage geosynthetic material which is widely used for water containment, waste containment, and landfill projects. BPM HDPE geomembrane tank liner adopts three-layer co-extrusion technology in the production process, and adds antioxidants, high-quality color masterbatches, anti-aging agents and UV and other auxiliary materials to make BPM The performance of HDPE polypropylene  tank liner is better, and the service life is greatly increased. HDPE geomembrane tank liner is an ideal waterproof barrier geotechnical material, which can retain the water in the pool to the greatest extent, and is an ideal impermeable material for aquaculture.

Polypropylene Tank Liner for Fish in Uganda
High Density Polypropylene Liner for Fish in Uganda
High Density Polypropylene Tank Liner for Fish in Uganda

In July, BPM Ugandan customer sent us an inquiry for HDPE geomembrane through the Alibaba platform. After a detailed understanding, we learned that the customer wanted to make some fish tanks for aquaculture and provided us photos of the fish tanks. It is a square wooden frame fish tank, mainly used for tilapia and cat fish breeding. Since the local area is located near the equator and exposed to the sun for a long time, the high density polypropylene tank liner with a thickness of 1.0mm is recommended for a longer service life. And we customized the appropriate size for the customer, which is convenient for use during installation. The customer was very satisfied after getting the details, and then the customer asked the help to purchase some other accessories from China, such as aerator equipment. The client’s project is now in progress.

Specifications of High Density Polypropylene Tank Liner for Fish in Uganda

  • Tank Liner thickness – 0.1 mm
  • Total Quantity – 2,000Square meters
  • Roll Size – 2m*122m

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