3D geomat erosion control mat is a new type three-dimensional geosynthetic material for soil conservation which is made from extruded and bi-oriented polyethylene grids. The 3D geomat  has good function on erosion control, protection of greening, and improvement of ecological environment. The 3D geomat erosion control mat is mainly used on slope protection of road, railway, river, dam to protect soil from heavy rain before the turf grow out. After the plant growing into a mixed protection layer, it can stand the erosion of storm. As a geotechnical material with high polymer and UV stabilizer, 3D geomat has good chemical resistance.

The underside of the geomat is made into flat type to provide even contact with the prepared soil surface. The upper surface is made cuspated to provide excellent soil retention. The three dimensional structure of geomat erosion control retains a layer of top soil and anchors the growing grass roots thus providing a stable surface highly resistant the forces of rain drops and run off. 3D geomat erosion control has the following features.

  • The embankment is protected from wind and rain before the turf has grown.
  • The HDPE geomat fabric can keep the grass seeds evenly distributed on the slope, and avoid the wind and rain from being lost.
  • The HDPE geomat fabric can absorb a large amount of heat energy, enhance ground temperature, promote grass seed germination, and prolong the growth period of plants.
  • The composite protective layer formed by plants can withstand high-level, high-velocity currents.
  • The geomat fabric can replace slope materials such as concrete, asphalt, and block stones.
3D Geomat Erosion Control Mat for Soil Stabilization in Thailand
3D Geomat Erosion Control for Soil Stabilization in Thailand
3D Geomat for Soil Stabilization in Thailand

BPM Thailand customer called us for 3D geomat for road erosion control about soil stabilization project. The customer asked for BEM4, 350g with green color. BPM posted our 3D Geomat Erosion Control Mat samples to customer for testing. By negotiating about one week and after our samples passed their test, the customer placed the order to us.

Specifications of 3D Geomat Erosion Control Mat  for Soil Stabilization in Thailand

  • Total quantity – 78,00 square meters
  • Weight– 350g
  • Each roll size – 2m*30m

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