HDPE square pond liner, also known as geomembrane pond liner, is the ideal geotechnical material for water or waste containment applications. BPM brand square pond liner has the characteristics of lowest permeability, excellent chemical resistance, outstanding stress crack capacity, excellent UV resistance., stable low temperature embrittlement resistance, etc. HDPE square pond liner is widely used for used for canal, aquaculture, irrigation ponds and remediation liners, other liner applications include landfills, waste water treatment lagoons, oil and gas exploration, power plants, etc.

With inclement weather and droughts throughout the world, water conservation is more important than ever. Garden ponds, agricultural irrigation, reservoirs, canals, golf courses, lakes, lagoons and other containment systems require reliable leak protection to conserve water and protect the environment. Whatever the reason for your pond, it is important to prevent water seepage. The HDPE geomembrane liner is the right type for your application available on the market. In general, an unlined pond will leak a lot of water every year. Waste water wastes minerals in the soil, such as salt, calcium, magnesium and selenium compounds, and deposits them back into the environment. Despite the large amount of leakage in pond built above groundwater levels, even non-pond ponds in existing wet areas are prone to leakage without proper pond lining. Leachate is not only harmful to the environment, but also weakens the structure of the pond, causing the slope to collapse and threatening adjacent septic systems and buildings.

HDPE Square Pond Liner for Waste Containment Project in Sudan
HDPE Square Pond Liner for Waste Containment in Sudan
Square Pond Liner for Waste Containment Project in Sudan

BPM Geosynthetics is one of the leading manufacturers of geomembrane pond liner in the world. BPM Sudan customers contacted the BPM team through the official website and requested square pond liner to be a reservoir with an area of approximately 13,500 square meters. The BPM team provided professional advice to clients, and BPM customer placed the order. BPM can also review blueprints to ensure the HDPE pond liner is designed to fit with minimal waste and provide more affordable installation.

Specifications of HDPE Square Pond Liner for Waste Containment Project in Sudan

  • Total square pond liner quantity – 13,500 square meters
  • Each roll size – 7m×100m
  • Thickness – 1.5 mm

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