Drain cell for terrace garden, also known as drainage cell for terrace garden, is the lightweight three dimensional geocomposite with a flat back which is pressed against an underground structure such as terrace garden, basement wall or subsurface footing. The pressure of backfilled soils holds the drain cell for terrace garden in place. A filtration geotextile generally covers the drainage core allows unrestricted flow of moisture into the core while it restricts the passing of soil particles which may clog the core. The drain cell for terrace garden  is a good choice for vertical applications where require moderate compressive strength and flow capacity are adequate.

Drain cell is mainly used in roof garden drainage, landscape, terraces and patios under pavers, subterranean building protection etc. BPM 30mm drainage cell creates a permanent, non-clogging void between the concrete slab and the soil profile that will not collapse or distort. The 30mm void enables a direct flow of water to designated outlets avoiding the risk of water build-up and penetration. The large surface and capacity void space of drain cell for terrace garden enables superior drainage efficiency compared to the small voids created by using a gravel system. The lightweight nature of this product reduces weight on the structure by 98% over gravel making it the perfect choice for planter boxes, roof gardens and landscaped podiums. The high compressive strength of  drain cell for terrace garden  enables materials to be delivered directly by truck and machinery to spread sand and soil once a minimum of 300mm has been placed over the drainage cell/ filter fabric layer. Filter fabric is placed over the drain cell for terrace garden and is supplied in roll widths of 2m and 4m. The fabric combined with a layer of washed sand, filters the water eliminating staining caused by gravel, stone and soil materials. The drain cell also acts as a membrane protection layer, however, it is recommended that a layer of protection board be placed between the membrane and drainage cell.

Drain Cell for Terrace Garden in Thailand
Drainage Cell for Terrace Garden in Thailand
Drain Cell for Terrace Garden Project in Thailand

BPM Thailand customer found us through google search and sent us inquiry of drainage cell for terrace garden. He wanted high tensile strength and good load bearing strength products, so he final chose 400mm*400mm*30mm with competitive price. At the same time, the customer also purchased 400 square meters of 500*500*50mm grass paver grid.

Specifications of Drain Cell for Terrace Garden in Thailand

  • Drain Cell Size – 400mm*400mm*30mm
  • Total quantity – 700 m2

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