HDPE geomembrane sheet is made from high grade polyethylene raw material, adding carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component. BPM HDPE geomembrane sheet factory have adopted the first class automatic production equipment and three-layer pressing technology. All our geomembrane HDPE liner products are in accordance with GB,GRI and ASTM test standard.

Mining industry is often found to be the single largest producer of solid waste around the world. Waste rock and tailings are two primary forms mining waste. The HDPE geomembrane sheet is often used to retain chemical solution which can dissolve minerals from ore, and to allow the leachate to be collected and refined. The mining facilities is often subjected to moderate or high loads, HDPE geomembrane sheet is  the ideal materials used to preventing leakage and corrosion from mining waste.

Construction Process of HDPE Geomembrane Sheet for Mining Project

1. HDPE geomembrane sheet should not be dragged or hardened during transportation to avoid sharp objects.

2.HDPE geomembrane sheet should extend from the bottom to the high position and do not pull too tight. It should leave a 1.50% margin for partial sinking and stretching. Taking into account the actual situation of the project, the slope is laid from top to bottom using the textured HDPE geomembrane.

2. The longitudinal joints of two adjacent HDPE geomembrane sheet shall not be on a horizontal line and shall be staggered by more than 1 m.

3. The longitudinal geomembrane joint should be 1.50m or more from the dam foot and the bent foot, and it should be set on the plane.

4.The HDPE geomembrane sheet should be laid at the bottom of the field after the slope.

5. When laying the slope, the direction of the fi HDPE geomembrane sheet should be basically parallel to the maximum slope line.

HDPE Geomembrane Liner for Mining Project in Indonesia
HDPE Geomembrane Sheet for Mining in Indonesia
HDPE Geomembrane Sheet for Mining Project in Indonesia

HDPE Geomembrane Sheet Layout Directions for Mining Project

1. Before HDPE geomembrane layout, the corresponding conformity acceptance certificate of the civil works should be obtained.

2. Before HDPE geomembrane cutting, the relevant dimensions should be accurately measured.  Generally, it should not be cut according to the deign size.

3. When laying the HDPE geomembrane sheet, the welding seam should be the least. And the raw materials should be saved as much as possible under the premise to ensure the quality. It is also easy to guarantee quality.

4. The weld joint width between the HDPE geomembrane sheets is generally not less than 10 cm. And the weld alignment direction is usually parallel to the maximum slope, that is, it arranged along the slope direction.

5. Usually in corners and deformed areas, the length of the seam should be as short as possible. Except for special requirements, there is no weld seam allowed in the range of 1.5 m from the slope or stress concentration area on the slope with slope greater than 1:6.

6. During the laying of HDPE geomembrane sheet, artificial folds should be avoided. When the temperature is low, it should be tightened and leveled as much as possible.

7. After the geomembrane is laid, the walking on the geomembrane surface and the moving tools should be minimized. Any objects that can cause damage to the impermeable geomembrane should not be placed on the HDPE geomembrane to avoid damage.

Our Indonesia customer sent us a inquiry from Google. We discussed his requested specification and we suggested using 1.5mm HDPE eomembrane sheet and offered very competitive price based on one 40HQ container. Moreover, we sent our customer more details about laying methods and directions for mining project cases. After confirmed the price and order quantity. Our Indonesia customer decided to place the order to us.

Specifications of HDPE Geomembrane Sheet for Mining Project in Indonesia

  • Total smooth geomembrane quantity – 18620m2
  • HDPE Geomembrane Sheet thickness – 1.5mm
  • Each roll size – 7m*100m
  • The mining project size – 150m * 100m
  • Designer and welding engineer are available for the project

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