Geocomposite drainage net is a two or three-layer three-dimensional drainage composite geosynthetic product. Generally, geocomposite drainage net consists of a geonet core and heat-bonded nonwoven geotextile on both sides or one side. The HDPE geonet is manufactured from high quality polyester resin, contain 2-3% carbon black, anti-UV and anti-oxindant, processed by special extruding technology with good drainage performance. Geocomposite drainage net becomes a good alternative for gravel with high drainage performance, and has excellent performance which traditional draining gravel doesn’t have. BPM drainage net is a light weight, quality controlled, easily installed and environmental friendly solution to traditional drainage materials. Our geocomposite drainage net is mainly used for landfill, railway system drainage, road subgrade drainage, tunnel and retaining wall.

Geocomposite Drainage Net for Coastal Dam Project in Indonesia
Geocomposite Drain Net for Coastal Dam protection Project in Indonesia
Geocomposite Drainage Net for Coastal Dam protection Project in Indonesia

Our Indonesia client have got a coastal dam protection project, he found us for geosynthetic products for his project. He was not very professional in this aspect. At first, the products he needed were geotextiles and geogrids. After discussing with  BPM engineers, he decided to purchase the geocomposite drainage net products. His project has strict requirements for technical indicators, and the foundation soil is composed of soft clay, on which two layers of soil pipe bags are placed. Therefore, he hoped to replace traditional products with geocomposite drainage net for better drainage performance. After comparing the prices and examining the quality of our samples, he decided to order two 40HQ containers products first.

Specifications of Geocomposite Drainage Net for Coastal Dam Project in Indonesia

  • Roll size: 4.8m*100m
  • Total rolls: 49 rolls
  • Quantity: 23,600 square meters

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