HDPE geomembrane Malaysia is ideal geosynthetic product which is widely used for aquaculture, anti-seepage of domestic waste landfill, anti-seepage of solid waste landfill, anti-seepage of artificial lake and other anti-seepage projects.   BPM brand HDPE geomembrane liner has excellent environmental stress crack resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and a large operating temperature range, etc. There are several considerations when selecting the HDPE geomembrane Malaysia  for aquaculture projects:

(1) resistance to environmental stress cracking

(2) tensile properties

(3) tear resistance and puncture resistance

(4) the durability of the project

(5) UV resistance

The Advantages of HDPE Geomembrane Used for  Aquaculture Farm Lining Projects .

(1 )Water storage. HDPE Geomembrane liner has the advantages of low permeability coefficient and strong water storage performance. It can better prevent the water in the shrimp pond from penetrating into the soil.

(2)Keep the water quality stable. HDPE geomembrane in aquaculture can well maintain the balance of water quality, reduce changes in water conditions, and reduce the cost and time of controlling water quality.

(3)Monitor oxygen content. HDPE geomembrane Malaysia for aquaculture farm project can reduce the loss of oxygen caused by infiltration into the soil, facilitate the monitoring of the oxygen content in the water, and save the cost of supplemental oxygen in the pond.

(4)Reduce maintenance costs. Aquaculture geomembrane pond liner can better inhibit the growth of algae in the water. The geomembrane itself contains UV-resistant additives, so the geomembrane is not afraid of sun exposure. Because the maintenance cost and time are relatively low, it can be more convenient and fast fishing.

(5)Reduce fishing time. When HDPE geomembrane Malaysia is used for aquaculture, weeds and sludge on the bottom of the pond will not appear to affect the fishing speed.

(6 )Reduce the spread of disease. Since the contact between soil and water is isolated, the possibility of disease transmission to the pond is reduced. This reduces the cost of medicine for shrimp farming.

(7)Easy to clean the pond. The use of aquaculture geomembrane pond liner can make the cleaning of the pond more convenient and it is easier to install a clean drainage system in the pond.

(8) Speed up the breeding cycle. The use of HDPE geomembrane liner for aquaculture makes it easier to catch and clean, which saves a lot of costs and time, can speed up the breeding cycle, and is conducive to increasing production.

HDPE Geomembrane Malaysia for Shrimp Farm Ponds Project
HDPE Geomembrane Malaysia for Shrimp Pond Project
HDPE Geomembrane Malaysia for Shrimp Farm Pond Project

BPM Malaysia customer sent a RFQ on Alibaba for HDPE geomembrane liner, we quoted the price, then contacted the customer on Alibaba. Through communication, we learned they needed the HDPE pond liner for shrimp farming. Because of its their first time purchasing the HDPE geomembrane Malaysia, we introduced the features and recommended 0.5mm and 0.75mm HDPE geomembrane liner, the customer asked us to quoted the 0.75mm price and one welder machine, we sent them quotation sheet, TRI test report, Intertek test report and the welder machine technical parameter the same day. Next day we sent the HDPE geomembrane catalog by email, they contacted us to purchase the 17 sets aerators, we gave them the prices of 0.75mm HDPE geomembrane Malaysia, welding machine and aerator together use one 20GP container. They were satisfied with our professional serive, and about one week communication of all details, BPM got the order.

Specifications of HDPE Geomembrane Malaysia for Shrimp Farm Pond Project

  • 0.75mm geomembrane: 8000 square meters
  • 1 HP aerator: 17 sets
  • Welding machine: 1 set
  • Container type: one 20GP container

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