Drainage cell system is the collection of drainage cells which are widely used for ground reinforcement and drainage applications suitable for mining, military and civil applications such as heavy duty access roads and leachate systems. BPM drainage cell is made of polyethylene (HDPE) plastic plate after punching cone penetration units or adding major features editor conductivity water drainage. Drainage cell system has a hollow stud bump structure, so the water can be flowed out quickly and efficiently to achieve active principle drainage effect. The compressive strength of BPM drainage cell system is extremely high and does not distort or burst.

BPM drainage cell is the lightweight three dimensional geocomposite with flat back which is pressed against an underground structure used for subsurface water management method. The drainage cell is suitable for all your horizontal and vertical drainage applications such as roof garden drainage, landscape, terraces and patios under pavers, subterranean building protection, etc. The drainage cell offers several drainage boards, with up to two thicknesses and insulation ratings to fit varying sand, clay and rocky soil conditions. Drainage cell are designed to channel water to the footer drain tile, protect waterproofing membranes during backfill operations, and divert water from grade to the footer drainage system.

The drainage cell system integrates waterproof and drainage, and solves relation between waterproof and drainage successfully, it is better and more reliable than traditional stone pottery particle drainage and other filter layer both in drainage function and economic benefit. The drainage cell system is the ideal geosynthetic material for sports field project.

Drainage Cell for Sports Field Drainage in Malaysia
Drainage Cell System for Sports Field Drainage in Malaysia
Drainage Cell System for Sports Field in Malaysia

BPM customer from Malaysia contacted us for drainage cell products. According to the customer’s information, BPM added the customer’s WeChat which is more convenient. BPM customer asked about the installation of the drainage cell. According to the customer’s question, BPM took a detailed picture of the side connection of the product. Next, BPM customer asked more details about the drainage cell product, such as volumetric and delivery time, production time and other details, BPM answered them in detail. Because this was the first cooperation, the customer requested to send a sample to confirm the quality. BPM sent the 500*500*30mm drainage cell sample as soon as possible. After receiving the sample, the customer compared the quality with other companies. The customer believed us very much, and after one month, the customer confirmed the order with the BPM company.

Specifications of Drainage Cell System for Sports Field in Malaysia

  • Total drainage cell quantity – 12,000 square meters
    • Drainage Cell size – 500*500*30mm

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