HDPE Geolock, also known as HPDE Poly Lock, is the high density polyethylene (HDPE) anchor profile and extruded hdpe strip products. HDPE Geolock is used to connect the HDPE geomembrane Liner and concrete in the geomembrane liner installation process.  The geomembrane HDPE  polylock can be  firmly anchored in concrete as the Pond Slope. HDPE geolock is made from the same resin with HDPE geomembrane liner and therefore has excellent UV resistance, low permeability and good overall chemical resistance, etc.

BPM HDPE GeoLock Features

  • Flexible waterproof material with high seepage coefficient.
    Good heat resistance and cold resistance.The temperature of the environment of high temperature 110
    , low temperature -70.
  • Good chemical stability resistant to acid, alkali, oil, corrosion
  • Very high tensile strength.
  • Strong weather resistance and strong anti-aging properties so that can maintain the original performance.
    Strong tensile strength and elongation at break.
  • Excellent UV stability.
HDPE Geolock for Pond Liner and Concrete Connection in Philippines
HDPE Geolock for Shrimp Pond Liner and Concrete Connection in Philippines
Geolock for Shrimp Pond Liner and Concrete Connection in Philippines

BPM clients in the Philippines have selected HDPE geolock as the preferred method to connect the shrimp pond liner with concrete, taking advantage of its unique features in geomembrane connection and geolock. HDPE polylock provides a reliable and secure connection between the geomembrane liner and the concrete structure, ensuring a tight seal and preventing any potential leaks or seepage. With its superior performance and compatibility with both materials, HDPE polylock offers an efficient solution for joining the geomembrane and concrete components in shrimp pond applications. The choice of HDPE polylock demonstrates BPM’s commitment to providing high-quality products and solutions that meet the specific needs of clients in the aquaculture industry.

Specifications of HDPE Geolock for Shrimp Pond Liner and Concrete Connection in Philippines

  • Specified Length: 2.9 meters to fit for one 20GP.
  • Width : 15cm
  • Chemical Resistance : excellent
  • DENSITY : 0.951g/cube cm
  • Total geolock quantity –14000 m
  • Geolock specifications – BPM15
  • Cut size 2.9m each Piece.

HDPE geolock, as a geomembrane accessory, is used for geotechnical engineering to realize the anchoring connection between the HDPE geomembrane terminal and geolock. When pouring concrete, a groove is reserved at the position where the E geolock is installed. When the anti-seepage construction is carried out, the geolock is set in the groove and the concrete is poured again, and then the HDPE Polylock is fixed on the surface of the building. When do the laying works and installation of HDPE geomembrane, we can join the liner by extrusion welding to connect HDPE geolock. They are firmly welded by extrusion welding gun. In this case, the geomembrane Liner can find a way to connect with the concrete slope and effectively avoid the slope erosion or liner falling down.

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