HDPE Polylock is an advanced geomembrane connection system that revolutionizes the way HDPE geomembrane panels are securely joined. With its innovative design and reliable performance, HDPE Polylock strengthens environmental containment systems, providing enhanced protection against the migration of liquids, gases, and contaminants. BPM Geosynthetics is the leading HDPE geomembrane and polylock manufacturer and supplier with 13+ years of industrial experiences. We wholeslae complelete line of HDPE geomembrane and polylock for worldwiede customers.
In this piece, we will delve into the characteristics, advantages, and varied applications of HDPE PolyLock, emphasizing its crucial role in civil engineering projects.

1 What Is A HDPE Polylock?

HDPE polylock, also referred to as PolyLock HDPE, is a joining system specifically designed for securely connecting HDPE geomembranes and wet concrete. This innovative solution ensures a dependable and long-lasting connection, effectively preserving the integrity of the entire containment system. Geomembrane HDPE Polylock consists of extruded HDPE strips with E or T-shaped cross-sections, providing a robust mechanism for securely holding the geomembrane panels together. By creating a formidable barrier against the migration of liquids or gases, HDPE Polylock plays a crucial role in safeguarding the containment system from potential leaks or breaches. Furthermore, the exposed smooth surface of HDPE Polylock allows for seamless welding, enabling the geomembrane to be easily and securely joined to concrete, resulting in a highly effective anchoring effect.

2 BPM HDPE Polylock Properties

  • Brand: BPM Geosynthetics
  • Color: Black/customized
  • Material: HDPE
  • Width: 10cm/15cm
  • Length: 3m/Piece
  • Height: 3cm/3.5cm/4cm
  • Standard: ASTM GRI-GM13, GRI-GM17
What Is A HDPE Polylock
HDPE Polylock Manufacturers

3 HDPE Polylock Specifications

2Tensile strength>=17Mpa
3Elongation at break≥650%
4Rectangular tear strength ≥80N/mm
5Cold shortness-77oc
7Model BPM 10Width 10cm Height 3.5cm
8Model BPM 15Width 15cm Height 3.0cm

4 What are the Key Benefits of HDPE Polylock?

4.1 Secure and Reliable Connection

HDPE Polylock provides a secure connection between geomembrane panels, ensuring a reliable waterproofing barrier. The interlocking segments of the HDPE Polylock system firmly hold the panels together, minimizing the risk of leaks or gaps in the waterproofing structure. This secure connection enhances the integrity and effectiveness of the waterproofing system.

4.2 Watertight Seal

HDPE Polylock creates a watertight seal when properly installed. The system effectively prevents the passage of water, moisture, or other liquids through the joints and seams of the geomembrane panels. This ensures comprehensive waterproofing, protecting the underlying structures from water damage and potential leaks.

4.3 Compatibility

HDPE Polylock is compatible with various types of geomembranes, making it suitable for a wide range of waterproofing applications. Whether using HDPE geomembranes or other compatible materials, HDPE Polylock can be seamlessly integrated into different projects. This compatibility enhances its versatility and ensures its effectiveness in diverse waterproofing scenarios.

4.4 Durability and Longevity

HDPE Polylock is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable and resilient material known for its excellent chemical resistance and UV stability. The system can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to UV radiation, temperature variations, and chemical substances. This durability ensures that HDPE Polylock maintains its performance and reliability over an extended period, contributing to long-lasting waterproofing solutions.

4.5 Easy Installation

HDPE Polylock is designed for easy and efficient installation. The interlocking segments fit together seamlessly, simplifying the installation process and reducing construction time. This ease of installation not only saves time and labor costs but also ensures consistent and reliable connections throughout the waterproofing system.

4.6 Low Maintenance

HDPE Polylock requires minimal maintenance once installed. Its durable construction and secure connections minimize the need for frequent repairs or maintenance interventions. This results in cost savings and convenience for the property owner or maintenance team.

HDPE Polylock for Geomembrane Installation
BPM HDPE Polylock Installation

5 What are the HDPE Polylock Applications?

HDPE Polylock can be utilized in various industries for a range of applications. Here are some industries where HDPE Polylock can be effectively used:

5.1 Environmental Engineering

HDPE Polylock is commonly employed in environmental engineering projects, such as landfill liners, containment ponds, and wastewater treatment facilities. It ensures the reliable containment of liquids, gases, and contaminants, protecting the environment from pollution.

5.2 Civil Construction

HDPE Polylock finds application in civil construction projects, including the construction of dams, reservoirs, canals, and tunnels. It provides a secure connection between geomembrane panels, preventing water seepage and contributing to the overall integrity and longevity of these structures.

5.3 Mining and Extractive Industries

HDPE Polylock is used in the mining and extractive industries for applications such as tailings ponds, heap leach pads, and mine waste containment. It helps to prevent the migration of potentially harmful substances into the surrounding environment, ensuring safe and responsible waste management.

5.4 Agriculture and Aquaculture

In the agricultural and aquaculture sectors, HDPE Polylock is employed for applications such as pond liners, irrigation canals, and water storage reservoirs. It facilitates efficient water management by preventing seepage and ensuring the availability of water resources.

5.5 Oil and Gas

HDPE Polylock can be used in the oil and gas industry for applications like oil containment systems, secondary containment for chemical storage, and pipeline leak detection. It enhances safety measures by providing effective containment solutions for hazardous substances.

5.6 Construction and Infrastructure Development

HDPE Polylock is also applicable in general construction and infrastructure development projects. It can be used for waterproofing basements, underground structures, foundations, and retaining walls, ensuring the protection of buildings against water damage.

6 How to Install the Best HDPE polylock?

During the concrete pouring process, HDPE Polylock is strategically installed in a designated recessed area. This installation creates an impermeable construction by embedding an E or T-type lock into the groove. As the concrete is poured and forms, the lock becomes securely fixed to the surfaces of buildings, providing a reliable connection.

In addition to the Polylock system, a layer of HDPE geomembrane is laid on top. To ensure a strong and watertight bond between the geomembrane layers, extrusion welding is employed, utilizing the E-lock connection method. This process involves melting the HDPE material at the joint and fusing the geomembrane sheets together through extrusion welding. The result is a seamless and robust connection that effectively prevents water infiltration.

The use of HDPE Polylock and the extrusion welding technique offers numerous advantages in construction projects. It ensures the durability and integrity of the concrete structure by creating a waterproof barrier. This solution is particularly beneficial in applications where water resistance is essential, such as basements, tunnels, reservoirs, and containment systems. With the proper installation of HDPE Polylock and the precise execution of extrusion welding, projects can achieve reliable and long-lasting waterproofing capabilities.

7. Summary

BPM HDPE Polylock has revolutionized the way which HDPE pipes, tubes, and geomembrane are joined, offering enhanced strength, flexibility, and leak resistance. HDPE Polylock robust design and easy installation process make it a preferred choice in various industries, including water management, chemical processing, environmental containment, and aquaculture. As technology advances and demands for reliable plastic applications grow, Geomembrane HDPE Polylock continues to play a vital role in ensuring secure connections and the efficient operation of essential systems.

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