HDPE farm pond liner is one of the most affordable and effective HDPE  geomembrane liner material which is harder than LDPE, denser, and lighter than water. The enhanced farm pond liner plays an important role in preventing air and groundwater pollution, and is particularly beneficial to developing countries such as Indonesia. The HDPE geomembrane pond linercan be easily shaped and welded together. Taking the geomembrane pond liner as the lining system, fish ponds can not only achieve good anti-seepage effects, but also isolate soil microbial diseases from fish, shrimp, etc., The HDPE farm pond liner can further promote the reproduction and production of fish and shrimp, which can increase the yield by 2 to 3 times. Most importantly, the cost of geomembrane pond liner is cheaper.

HDPE Farm Pond Liner for Fish Pond in Indonesia
Farm Pond Liner for Fish Pond in Indonesia
HDPE Pond Liner for Fish Pond in Indonesia

BPM received an inquiry from  Indonesian customer about geomembrane pond liner. BPM customer had a great demand for procurement and regularly purchases. The customer highly recognizes the strength and credibility of the quality and dsuppliying ability of HDPE geoemembrane of BPM. BPM also introduced various preferential policies to customers. The customer was very interested in various preferential incentive policies and hoped to maintain long-term cooperation with BPM.

After communicating with the customer, BPM learned that the customer’s needs were to promote a 6-meter-wide and 50-meter-long geomembrane pond liner in Indonesia. BPM suggested to the customer to use a half-fold method, each roll being 3 meters wide and 50 meters long In this way, both the buyer and the supplier can save shipping costs. The customer adopted the recommendations of the BPM team, and the BPM team provided the ASTM geomembrane farm pond liner to the customer. The geomembrane pond liner is made of high-quality polyethylene with carbon black, Low-permeability lining made of anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet components. It is the most widely used geosynthetic membrane, with excellent chemical resistance, outstanding stress cracking ability, lowest permeability and excellent UV resistance.

Specifications of HDPE Farm Pond Liner for Fish Pond in Indonesia

• Total pond liner quantity – 24000 square meters

• Each roll size – 3m×50m

• Thickness – 0.3 mm

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